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How To Make Your New House Feel Homely

After months of planning, building, and making what seems like a thousand decisions about layouts and finishes, you’ve finally been given the keys to your new home – congratulations! Building a new home for yourself and your family isn’t easy, and is something well worth celebrating. But the journey isn’t over yet. Before moving into a new house, many clients find themselves wondering about how they’ll furnish their beautiful new spaces and make the house feel like their own.

If you’ve found yourself in this position, don’t fret! We’ve teamed up with Andrea Higgs, Creative Director of OLIO Interiors, to bring you the ultimate guide to making your house a home. From upholstery to wall hangings and even custom scents, read on to learn 11 interior design tricks for personalising your new home.

  1. Create a custom house scent

When it comes to interior design, smell is one of the most commonly overlooked senses. Our sense of smell has a direct connection to our emotions and memories: Many, if not most, people have a smell or scent that means ‘’home’’ to them. For some this might be the smell of an open fire or roses in bloom, while for others this might be freshly ground spices or a spritz of lemon.

Whichever you prefer, one of the best ways to get rid of the ‘’new home’’ smell is by bringing in objects and activities that help create your own personal home scent. Think: Candles, food, or flowers.

  1. Hang your favourite art

Academics and experts may argue over the exact definition, but for us ‘’art’’ is anything you value enough to hang on your walls. Whether this means prints, photos, children’s drawings, or holiday memorabilia – follow your heart and display anything that’s meaningful to you.

Having visual reminders of your achievements, adventures, and loved ones will definitely make your house a home in no time. If you don’t want to damage your brand new walls, consider other picture hanging systems like adhesive or suction-backed picture hanging hooks.

  1. Invest in interior plants

Green thumbs rejoice: Plants are a huge interior design trend in 2020, so fill your new house with greenery! Tumbling vines and larger plants add freshness to any space, while flowering varieties are great for adding colour to rooms. Not ready to commit to regular plant care? No worries – today’s artificial plants are more realistic-looking than ever.

  1. Choose a statement mirror

While you’re deciding where to place your art, throw a few decorative wall mirrors into the mix. Because they reflect light and create the illusion of space, mirrors are often used to make rooms larger and brighter. Hang one up in your living room, dining room, or hallway and we guarantee you’ll immediately see the difference.

Better yet, because mirrors come in so many different sizes, shapes, and materials, you’re bound to find one that fits your new home perfectly.

  1. Refresh your towel collection

Think you’ll just hang up your old towels in your new bathroom? Think again! Put your much-loved old towels to rest and treat yourself to some plush new ones in fresh colours, and perhaps even a pattern or two. Bold towels are a great way to introduce colour to the bathroom, which is often one of the plainest spaces of the home. 

While you’re at it, don’t forget to add pot plants and a scented candle or two to your bathroom accessories shopping list.

  1. Consider a feature wall

We’re not suggesting that you paint your house interior as soon as you move in! But once you move in and get your furniture in place, you might find that there’s a wall or architectural feature that could benefit from a fresh lick of paint. If so, consider whether a splash of bold colour, textured finish, or even a layer of wallpaper could achieve the look you’re after.

  1. Give old furniture new life

Moving house can be costly, particularly when you’ve already invested time and money into the home building process. If you’re looking for a way to make your house feel like home on a budget, think about which pieces of furniture that you already own and love can simply be refreshed. 

Reupholstering your favourite furniture in new fabrics can help you bring elements of your old house into your new one, and can help you settle in more quickly. For a design punch that really adds personal flair, consider selecting contrasting materials, for example bold, contemporary fabric on a vintage chair.

  1. Pick colourful cushions

The living room is the heart of many homes, so it always needs a little bit of extra attention when it comes to interior design. Warm, earthy hues and bright jewel tones always make cosy colours for a living room, and can be easily incorporated by using rugs or cushions.

Like a new pair of earrings, new cushions can completely transform your neutral sofa. Perhaps even consider a different set of cushions for summer and winter: Switch from light, cool linens in summer to plush, huggable velvets and faux furs in the winter months.

  1. Light a candle (or two)

Speaking of winter, brighten up dark nights by investing in some luxe scented candles. A great way to define your home fragrance, candles also create a romantic, intimate atmosphere and add character to a space. For the ultimate cosy indulgence, consider candlesticks or a candelabra, which will let you eat your dinners by candlelight!

  1. Focus on the details

This is less of an interior design tip and more of a lifestyle choice, but the two certainly go hand in hand! Think of one small, everyday indulgence that will bring you pleasure and invest in that. It doesn’t matter if it’s a special handwash, a new pair of slippers, or a country-style flower vase – seeing it every day will put a smile on your face and help you settle into your new space.

  1. Reflect on your progress

Between building a house, choosing furniture, and packing up your old home, it’s easy to lose sight of all the things that make moving into a new house exciting. Once you’ve put the last box down in your new place, take the time to reflect on what you’ve achieved and plan for all the exciting things that are still to come in your new home.

Settle into your new home in style

Adapting to a new house can be challenging, but it’s also an exciting time of your life that you should cherish. By following our simple interior design tips, you can easily transform your new house into a loving, personal home that’s every bit as perfect as you expected. Looking for more interior design advice? Get in touch with OLIO Interiors or get design inspiration on our blog today!