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How To Create The Perfect Family Bathroom

The modern family bathroom plays an important role in your household’s health and wellbeing. The space should be clean, functional, and easy to maintain, while still reflecting your family’s unique style.

To give you some great design ideas, we’ve partnered with DecoGlaze™, a locally owned splashback company with over 30 years experience helping families create their perfect home. Read their expert tips for making a beautiful bathroom your whole family can refresh and recharge in.

Black and White Tiled Bathroom


1. Be Savvy With Your Space

According to David Hill, Sales Manager at DecoGlaze™, a good bathroom design is multi-purpose; it should be a place that’s both a fun playtime experience for children, and a relaxing sanctuary for adults. This often comes down to your use of space – smart storage options will help you pack away bath time toys and clutter, keeping your bathroom clean, tidy, and calm.

Another trick is to choose simple, wall-hung fixtures – these are easier to clean and create the illusion of a bigger bathroom space.

Bathroom Double Sink and WIR

2. Have Fun With Colour

You shouldn’t be afraid to have a bit of fun with your home bathroom design – it’s a chance to be creative and express your family’s personal style. You can incorporate a pop of colour into a classic bathroom design through furnishings, a bright splashback, or even some indoor plants.

Need some more inspiration? Read our tips for choosing the right colour scheme for your home here.

3. Get Your Hands On A Grab Bar

Bathroom falls are a serious risk for both young children and older family members. A grab bar is a great way to improve the safety of your bathroom, and with a range of sleek designs on the market, won’t take away from your bathroom’s style.

4. Avoid Germs With A Touchless Toilet

Touchless toilets – loos with sensors for hands-free flushing – are becoming an increasingly popular choice thanks to being more convenient and hygienic. These smart toilets are easy to use, and can reduce the amount of germs you and your family come into contact with – helping to limit the spread of illnesses like cold and flu.

5. Breathe Easy With A Sensor Vent Fan

Moisture can build up quickly in a bathroom, and if not removed will turn into mould. This can leave an unpleasant smell, and is unhealthy to breathe – especially for anyone with respiratory and immunity issues. A sensor vent fan can help prevent mould by removing moisture from the air.

Bathroom Tiles, Bath and Cupboard

6. Update Your Old Tiling

Nothing makes a bathroom feel more unpleasant than nasty grout mould, dirty floors, or dust collection in corner spaces. According to David, old-fashioned tiling can be difficult to keep clean, and grout restoration or replacement will likely be needed to keep your bathroom looking and smelling fresh.

Bathroom with Ocean Views

Glass panelling for your shower walls and bath splashbacks is a great way to avoid this problem. With a range of colours and designs, glass can give your bathroom a unique, fresh feel – and it wipes clean easily, keeping your space appealing for years to come.

As leading experts on creating beautiful yet functional spaces, Better Built Homes and DecoGlaze™ are working together to find the very best options for your home. For more ideas,  check out our home designs, or the DecoGlaze™ range of glass splashback options


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