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Interior Design Trends For Your New Home

You’ve been thinking about it for years, and have decided that 2020 is finally the time to make it happen: You’re going to build your dream home. 

Building a new home instead of buying a turnkey house off the market is a big decision, and one that can pay off with great rewards. From custom finishes to a home that’s set out exactly the way you like it, few things are as satisfying as bringing your dream home to reality.

At Better Built Homes, our home designs give you the framework for a great modern home while leaving you space for customisation. To help you decide on the best styles and finishes, we’ve partnered with Wideline, one of Sydney’s leading suppliers of windows and doors. 

Read on for our pick of interior design trends to incorporate into your new home alongside our homebuilder’s inclusions, and get inspired to start building today! 

1. Luxurious Sanctuary Retreat

Leading our list of top home design trends in 2020 are classy interiors that redefine luxury. Transform your home into a decadent sanctuary that combines high-end materials and fittings with homey accents. Trending interior paint colours include earthy tones and neutrals, offset by bold jewel tones and metallic finishes.

The resulting high contrast makes this one of the best interior design trends for highlighting architectural details, such as joinery and window frames in matt, dark grey finishes.

2. Natural Sanctuary

Aussies are no strangers to merging the indoors and outdoors, and indoor outdoor living remains a key residential architecture trend in 2020. Invite the great outdoors into your home with expansive windows and doors framed in light, contemporary shades of grey and silver. To add warmth and depth to your living spaces, choose on-trend decor in a rich palette of earthy red and ochre tones, and natural textures like timber, leather, and rattan.

3. Breezy Hamptons Style 

Across the country, beach architecture is one of the most consistently popular interior design trends, and it’s not hard to see why. Transport the laid back seaside architecture of the classic Hamptons holiday house to the leafy Australian suburbs with warm native timbers and muted shades of grey and blue. 

Then, open your home to the outdoors with French Doors or double-hung windows – just don’t forget matching insect screens to keep out unwanted guests. To really get ahead of the curve on this trend, we recommend checking out our Hamptons Style home.

4. Green House

No matter which you choose of the home design styles on this list, consider ways you can help the environment (and your hip pocket) by incorporating sustainable design features. 

Our top tips for green interior design? Good insulation and double glazed windows. Both can keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter, helping you stay comfortable year round. An energy efficient house can also save you a fortune on artificial heating and cooling costs in the long run, so it’s a win-win situation.

5. Al Fresco Living

Make the most of Australia’s sunshine and climate with relaxed outdoor living areas that show off your garden and landscaping. For the best in backyard entertainment, we recommend investing in comfortable outdoor furniture, an umbrella or other shade structure, and – of course – a barbecue.

Use French or folding doors to soften the threshold between interior and exterior spaces, or choose bi-fold windows if your floor plan is more on the compact side.

6. Scandinavian Minimalist

One of the biggest interior design trends of the past few years, we predict that Scandinavian minimalism will stick around for 2020 and beyond. Achieve this effortless aesthetic with blonde wood surfaces and joinery balanced by minimalist home decor like sculptural lighting and trailing indoor plants. Sound like your ideal home? Find out how to pick the best indoor plants for your home here.

To fully bring hygge (Danish for ‘cosiness’) into your home, we recommend large, single-pane windows that let in plenty of bright natural light.

7. Eclectic Elegance

Display your treasured family heirlooms and travel souvenirs side-by-side with this playful interior design trend that turns your home into a cabinet of curiosities. Mix bold patterns and bright colours with plush furniture and soft flooring for an inviting take on maximalist decor, then illuminate it all with a combination of warm mood lighting and natural light.

8. Escape to Europe

Add a little European elegance to your everyday with this timeless interior design trend that pairs classic materials with traditional design elements. Think natural stone counters, timber floors, and French timber and ceiling mouldings paired with bright, modern furniture. To tie it all together, choose French Doors that drench your living spaces in warm natural light.

9. Old School Cool

Channel the golden days of yesteryear with contemporary classic interiors that effortlessly combine old and new. Take inspiration from the mid century modern living room and pair classic pieces like chandeliers, timber furniture, and upholstery with colourful accents, natural light, and views of the great outdoors.

10. Future Fashion

Futuristic interior design gets a makeover in 2020 with sensuous design lines and soft furnishings. Minimalist decor, a neutral colour palette, and cool metal accents remain, but are balanced by statement elements like bay windows and textured materials that add a warmer, more human touch.

Build on these top home design trends in your dream home

Put your own twist on 2020’s hottest home design styles and choose your perfect fittings and finishings when you build with Better Built Homes.

Learn more about our home builders inclusions and customisation options here. To request more information or to book a meeting with our friendly team, get in touch today!