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BRW Magazine’s Top 100 Fast Starters – We’re in it!

While many businesses are wrapping up 2015, we are steaming along putting the finishing touches on houses for our clients to move in for Christmas. We’re putting up walls in the new showroom at Better Built Homes HQ, and we have commenced the build of our first ever display home, in Western Sydney.

Amidst the crazy we have just received some big news. We have been ranked 28th out of 100 of the BRW Fast Starters Award for Outstanding Business Growth in 2015.

Better Built Homes BRW Fast Starters Award Certificate

By joining the list we are indeed in good company – with the likes of Boost Juice, Booktopia and Lonely Plant all having been on the list early in their careers.

At the beginning of our own careers, we would never have imagined being named part of BRW’s 100 Fast Starters. It is really encouraging to be recognised for our hard work, and it will help us to keep aiming high for ourselves and for our clients into the future.

Since we started the business together in 2010 we have put our talents to good use, growing the business to build up to 35 homes a year in 2015. We are a family owned and operated business and one of our mistakes early on was that we were trying to do everything ourselves, whilst we were capable, we found out quickly that it is far more effective to find people with the right skill sets rather than trying to do it all on our own.

As a result we have built a team of top quality people around us to help build on the foundations that we have worked hard to create.

Harringtonshaw Horizontal Facade Design

Growing this way helped us to provide much more value to our clients. So now, combined with professional staff and tradespeople we are able to make our client’s home building experience easy, enjoyable and hassle free.

Making the Fast Starters list is a milestone for us here at Better Built Homes. It recognizes how far we have come and that we have so much more to offer in the future. It is also an opportunity to thank all the people who have helped us along the way.

Our focus is on providing families with stylish, quality homes at affordable prices, with all the standard inclusions that other builders call ‘extras’.

It is our goal to satisfy and exceed our customer’s expectations every time, whilst providing outstanding workmanship on every home we build. We build houses that we would want to live in ourselves.

So if you are thinking of building in Western Sydney give us a call on 1300 100 922  (between 9am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday) make a time to come in to chat about your ideas.

Alternatively you can fill out our online contact form with your enquiry and we’ll get right back to you as soon as possible.