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Choosing a Colour Scheme for your New Home

Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Colours

When you walk into your new home for the first time you will be filled with anticipation and excitement, relief and a host of other emotions at the end of a long journey.

But once you have settled into you new home, the feeling that you have walking into your home will be impacted very strongly by the colour scheme you have chosen for your walls.

What is home to you? Do you want to feel calmed by the energy when you arrive home after a long day? Or energised and uplifted as you walk in the door?

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Choosing house colours can feel daunting, and many people procrastinate or don’t feel confident in whether or not they have made the right choice.

Read our tips on deciding what colours you want for your new home so you can feel confident you have made the right choice:

  1. Learn about Colour

You don’t need to rush out and start an Interior Design course, however having a little knowledge about how colours work together will give you a lot more confidence in your final colour selections.

Pantone Colour Chart

A common rule of thumb for using a basic, three-colour palette in graphic design, which is often used in interior design, is known as the 60-30-10 Rule. You make your dominant hue account for 60% of what you paint in the room, while 2 accent colours or hues makes up the remaining 30% and 10%. The Cava Design School use an analogy for explaining how this works by picturing a man’s suit: “the suit jacket and pants account for 60% of the colour in the outfit; the shirt accounts for 30%; and the tie offers a small pop of colour at 10% — creating a balanced, polished appearance. Another way to keep your colour palette simple and balanced is using shades and tints (or lighter and darker versions of a chosen hue). That way, you’re able to expand your colour choices without overwhelming your design with a rainbow of colours.

Knowing these basics, and making yourself familiar with the colour wheel will be of great help when you work to build your colour palette for your home. Often the final pop of colour in the 10% is worked with the furniture and soft furnishings, which are easier to change as you and your family grow, or tastes change.

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Taubmans Colour Director Shaynna Blaze has been giving colour advice for over 20 years and in her short video – The 10 Colour Commandments, Shaynna explains the concept of splitting your colour choices into dominant and accent colours.

  1. Do some Research

Colour impacts our emotions more than you might realise, so it is important that in the planning of your new home, do some research to make the most of your colour choices. The colour you choose can have a positive or negative impact on your emotions in addition to simply making it feel bigger or smaller.

How do you research? In real life, look around you at places and colours that catch your eye. Take a quick snap with your Smartphone to remember these details later on.

Coloured Tiles

Was it a texture? Something on a wall, or a café you visited? Whether or not you keep these little parts of your research, simply taking notice of what attracts your eye in the world around you will build a data bank in your mind and help you build up an idea of what you are attracted to.

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Buy some interior design magazines or borrow them from the local library. Take a flick through and see what of the new trends appeal to you and might work with your current furniture and style.

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Visit our Display Home in Leppington to see trending colours and hues on the wall in a contemporary home, complete with furniture. A large number of our clients choose a neutral paint scheme and accent using their furnishings and artworks throughout each room to create their own unique style.

Oran Park Display Home Upper Level Loungeroom

  1. Find Inspiration

We recommend you join Pinterest if you haven’t already, and start a number of inspiration boards for your new home’s colour scheme. If you love colour and want to make the bedrooms unique to each family member, try creating a new board for each bedroom to help you keep them organised. Plus a new board for each major room in the house such as Kitchen, Bathroom, Living and Dining areas. You might be surprised how quickly you find great ideas and each board fills up! Follow our Better Built Homes page on Pinterest and see a vast collection of inspirations for your Dining, Living and Kitchen areas, plus an entire board dedicated to Colour Palette Inspiration for the home.

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Shaynna Blaze advises you choose colours from your own life that you feel connected with, and that bring positive feelings from your past and that evoke loving memories. And we agree. By using online platforms as well as real-life pin-boards to get a sense of what you connect with, you will be able to get a sense of what will work for you in your home. Let yourself be creative and see what comes out of the process.

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Following these easy tips, you will be more confident that the colour scheme you choose for your home will one that you will be happy with for years to come.

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