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Making a Prayer Room in your Home

If daily meditation and worship help shape your everyday life, incorporating plans for a prayer room into your new home design provides the assurance that a tranquil space will always be nearby.

You don’t have to be religious to benefit from such a space, a spiritual space may be helpful when meditating, or may be used as a space to seek calm amidst the chaos of busy modern family life. It may be a quiet space where you write in your journal, meditate, pray or simply have some time to yourself. Having a dedicated space in your home for this purpose can bring balance and health to the whole family.

At Better Built Homes we are experienced in catering to the variations that can be required when building a new home with a prayer room. Creating your spiritual space is a personal thing and needs to be dealt with sensitively and respectfully. Whether you want to simply drop a few coins in your cement slab for good luck, or create a pooja room with a hanging indoor swinging seat, we can accommodate your preferences to create your ideal home, your way.

When planning a sacred space or prayer room in the design of your new home, there are a few things to take into consideration. In this article we will share a few of the things to consider when planning your prayer room and share some of our best house designs flexible for having this sort of space.

Determine the purpose of your space.

Consider the purpose of your space – is it to have a private place for meditation, or to have shared space with others? Is it to create a serene feeling throughout your home, or for you to seek inner calm and clarity? The purpose of your space will help you determine where it should be and what you will need in it.

Whether you have a whole room solely for prayer, or perhaps simply a small space or nook, setting up this space in your home will help you focus when you need time to yourself. This time of quiet and reflection may be fleeting however it will be important.

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Make your space sacred.

Decorate and treat your space as sacred space instead of an everyday common space. You should associate this area of your home with stillness, with special time for yourself or your family that is devoted to your practice. Remove clutter or unrelated items from the room or nook to keep the space sacred. Make it clear to children and visitors that you only use that space for prayer, mediation, yoga or rest and that the decorations are not toys.

Decorating Your Pooja Room


The colour of your walls will have a large impact on how you feel when you walk into your prayer room. Consider if you want more neutral tones to create a sense of calm and peace, or to create an energised feeling by using more vibrant colours. If you choose neutral tones for the walls, you can add colour and vibrance to the room with the furnishings you choose.

Yellow Lounge


Furnish the prayer room with a comfortable chair, pillows, or floor mats and rugs. Arrange the furniture so you can be comfortable either in meditation or prayer, while drawing or writing in a private journal, or in conversation with others, depending on the way you intend on using the space most.

Prayer Room Bible Book

Music and Spiritual Tools.

Many people find music soothing to the soul. If this is you, have music readily available with a CD player or ipod dock. If you are installing a central sound system in the home, make sure you can control the sound in the room independently. Listening to your teenager’s trance or heavy metal may certainly take you out of your calm zone!

Our sense of smell is one of the strongest senses that impact our sense of well-being. By diffusing some essential oils using a diffuser or by burning incense, you will instantly transform your room.

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House Designs.

All of our floor plans are generous and creatively designed with ease of use and flexibility in mind.

If you want to incorporate your space into your everyday living area, create a small corner in one of the generous living spaces, or creatively use on of the study nooks. We also have floor plans that have allowed for the need for a private, easy to access space for study, meditation or prayer.

See some of our floor plans below:

Addison 37:

Addison Double Storey Double Garage

The Addison 37 is a top of the range home designed to comfortably fit a growing and active family that loves to entertain while enjoying their own space. With ample room to welcome extended family, the Addison 37 also incorporates a Study on the ground floor into the design, which would work very well as a central prayer or meditation room. If a whole room dedicated to daily prayer or practice is not what you need, a cosy nook at the head of the hallway on the 2nd floor of the Addison 37 provides an additional opportunity for creating a calm space without demanding too much in the way of taking up space.

Astoria 39:

House Design with Prayer Room Western Sydney Builders

The grand, open floor plan of The Astoria will be sure to impress your friends and family, and provide space for your active and varied lifestyle. With 4 bedrooms plus a study, Gourmet Kitchen, a Home Theatre plus 3 separate living spaces you will have more than enough space for family, entertaining, study, and a prayer room – without having to make concessions on space.

Amber Rose 35:

Amber Rose Double Storey Double Garage

One of our most recently released 2 storey house designs; the Amber Rose is already becoming a popular choice. With 4 generous bedrooms and a rumpus room upstairs, the floor plan of the Ground floor provides various options for creating spaces for study, prayer rooms, or welcoming extended family to stay. Boasting 2 separate living areas downstairs plus Powder Room and Walk in Pantry, you can’t go past this house design for having thought of everything.

Adriana 31:

Adriana Double Storey Double Garage

The Adriana is a sophisticated family home, which has comfort and style. You’ll be impressed by the generous size of the rooms. The floor plan includes 4 bedrooms on the first floor and a ground floor study with a built on wardrobe. With an adjoining Powder Room, this additional room is perfect for a prayer room or spare room when extended family come to stay. Do you prefer a smaller study or meditation nook? The ample rumpus room upstairs has space for both leisure and prayer.

Tiffany Rose 32:

Tiffany Rose Double Storey Double Garage

One of our most popular house designs, this expansive floor plan has enough room for a large family plus guest accommodation under the same roof. Welcome the extended family to stay, create a spacious prayer room, or huge study to work from home. The Tiffany Rose house design incorporates living spaces both upstairs and downstairs for families that have a lifestyle of entertaining but also needing space for themselves.

Your chosen house design may not have a separate study or nook that can be dedicated solely to mediation or prayer. However there are many creative ways to incorporate the need for quiet space in your home.

Follow our Pinterest Board – ‘Prayer Room Inspirations’ to find a wide range of creative inspirations for scared space from home made ‘tee pees’ and chapels, to grand pooja rooms and outdoor garden oases. We are constantly sharing new designs and inspirations.

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