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Successful Knock Down Rebuild Process

What you need to know before you Knock Down and Rebuild in Western Sydney.

Your house feels too small. The kids are on top of each other and you can’t get any space. We know the feeling. Many families around Sydney are feeling the same. It’s time to build a house in which you can spread out and enjoy each other’s company as well as your own space. It’s time to Knock it down and Rebuild.

With Western Sydney growing rapidly, and vacant blocks becoming rarer the option to knock down and rebuild your home is becoming a more realistic and popular option for families wanting to stay near to the school, neighbours and facilities you love while enjoying a more modern, spacious and suitable home for your family.

Girl In Garden Of Knock Down Rebuild House Western Sydney

The idea of knocking down a house and rebuilding an entirely new one in its place can sound like an expensive and daunting process but you may be surprised to find it ends up at approximately 1/3 of the cost per metre compared to an extensive renovation.

We will give you some tips in this article for a successful Knock Down Rebuild (KDR) in Western Sydney – our heartland, where we specialise in doing just that.

You may want to move into one of the popular areas in which we build – popular for their proximity to schools and other great facilities. One tip we would give you would be to look for the worst house on a great street. Look for the land you want, where you want. Then look at some house designs and decide which would suit your family, your lifestyle and your block size. Get in touch with a number of builders and determine which builder feels right for you. Below is the process you would follow after getting in touch:

  1. Completing a Site Inspection

Knock Down Rebuild Process 02

Initially, before we agree to take on your Knock Down Rebuild project we would do a site inspection. We would inspect the block of land to make sure it is suitable for this kind of extensive project, and determine if there were any factors impacting the potential for a rebuild – such as heritage listings on the block, the slope of the land, drainage and any significant trees to be considered. We always want to be transparent and take on projects that are in the best interests of the client.

  1. Tender Process

Choosing a builder that is happy to answer your questions and walk you through the process is imperative. We take pride in walking our clients through the process of what it will involve to complete a Knock Down Rebuild Project – leaving no stone unturned. Once you have chosen your preferred builder, you move on to the next phase – the Tender – where you confirm your house design and all of the internal colours, fittings and inclusions that you want in your new home.

Using the information from the site inspection, your house design choices, and even more detailed site approvals, the builder puts together a detailed picture of what it will really cost to build your dream house on your particular block of land.

Shower Inclusions

This detailed Tender includes site-specific costs such as putting in stormwater drains and sewerage, costs of building on a flood affected block or in a bushfire affected area, house plans created to scale by professional draftsmen in relation to the contour survey for your land. This tender provides you with the details of what it will cost you.

You may be surprised to hear that it could end up cheaper than renovating a 30-year-old house – that still ends up having 30-year old plumbing and wiring throughout.

  1. Building Agreement & Signing of Contracts

Once you are happy with the tender and understand what is involved, you sign the building agreement and pay a deposit before moving on to get your ‘Real Plans’ drawn up. You will need to pass on your contract to your mortgage lender to prepare for your progress payments.

Knock Down Rebuild Process 05

This would also be the time when you select your external colours – your bricks, roof, windows and driveway colour among other things. Your colour palette and how it would look in your streetscape needs to be submitted to your local Council for approval. This is something we at Better Built Homes facilitate.

  1. Site Preparation & Demolition

While your documents are with Council for approval, you need to prepare your house and land for the demolition. This includes finding alternative living arrangements for the period of the construction, whether it is by renting a new house nearby or by staying with family in the area.

This period can be longer than you initially anticipated so make sure the rental period is long enough, or that your family understands the potential time you may be residing with them. You will likely find it useful to redirect your mail throughout this period too.

Start packing your things. You may find you need to hire a storage container or space in a storage facility throughout the period of building your new home. If you plan on buying new furniture to decorate your new home, save on storage space and costs by selling your old couch or other items on sites such as Gumtree or eBay. You can also sell and give away your building supplies from your old home before the demolition. Hundreds of DIY projects underway may just be looking for an old back door, pavers, shutters and other items that may otherwise simply end up as landfill.

Find a reputable demolition company that works in Western Sydney and that you feel will tick all of the boxes such as:

Complete the demolition safely and in a timely manner

Remove all debris from the site

Has a current Demolition License and ability to provide other documents required to be submitted to your Council.

The demolition contractor is also responsible for organising for your utilities to be disconnected – and give your various suppliers plenty of time to be able to do this in the lead up to the demolition. The demolition contractor is required to provide your builder with a certificate ensuring that it has been done properly.

Knock Down Rebuild Process 04

If you are unsure about how to find a demolition contractor, research online for a company that appears open and transparent, check out the companies with good ratings on trusted independent sites such as Product Review and ask for word of mouth recommendations from trusted people in your various networks.

  1. Construction Commences

Once the demolition process is complete and the fences come down, your builder can then put up their safety fences and begin receiving delivery of the materials they need to build your new home. In a medium sized company like Better Built Homes, you would have a Site Supervisor that will oversee the entire process of building your home and they will be the one to organise the various tradespeople and keep you up to date on the progress of your build.

Knock Down Rebuild Process 03

In working with your Site Supervisor – asking appropriate questions, addressing any concerns early on, and giving them your trust, will help you build a great working relationship over that period while you watch your new home appear before your eyes.

  1. Keys Hand Over & Moving In

Upon completion of your home, you will do a final ‘walk-through’ with your builder that allows you to confirm that there are no faults with the workmanship. Then after a few more final checks, you have your keys and you can move in!

Knock Down Rebuild Process 07

Once you have a moving day planned, make sure you arrange to get your utilities and services reconnected and redirect your mail back home.

For more details on this final part of the process, read our article ‘Getting the Keys and Moving In’ which goes into further detail on this last and very important phase of your home construction.

So now we’ve given you a quick run through of the Knock Down Rebuild (KDR) process you may be thinking that it is possibly the right path for you.

Get in touch by calling us on 1300 100 922 to discuss a possible Knock Down Rebuild and we can get you on the way to owning your dream home.

Alternatively use our contact form to send your enquiry and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can.

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