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Top 5 Extended Family House Designs

Living and working in Western Sydney provides a lifestyle for many families that allows for space and freedom, plus the ability to live with extended family.

Complex and busy lifestyles and the rising cost of living are impacting families at all stages of life, and sharing the home and pooling resources can offer great benefits to you and your extended family.

It not only gives grandparents an opportunity to become a bigger part of their grandchildren’s lives, it also lends a larger support network to young working families by easing a variety of burdens in some situations. More mature family members can also maintain their independence for longer, with family and support nearby.

With this in mind, we created a range of houses specifically for the extended family – contemporary house designs with space for friends and family to visit or live for extended periods in your home.

Oran Park Display Home Dining Room

Double Storey House Designs for Extended Families

Below are 5 of our top house designs that incorporate family life with entertainment, efficiency and style. With 2 storeys and ample space, they are perfect for the first home builder, extended families and as a Knock-Down-Rebuild where you want to maximise the size of your block.

Addison 3

Addison Double Storey Double Garage Facade

Tiffany Rose 32

Tiffany Rose Double Storey Double Garage Design

Astoria 39

Astoria Double Storey Double Garage Design

Adriana 31

Adriana Double Storey Double Garage Facade Design

Amber Rose 35

Amber Rose Double Storey Double Garage Design

Multi-Generational Living – Making it Work

Living with extended family can be a wonderful resource and yet a source of tension in families at the same time. Living under the same roof, strains and difficulties may arise in areas such as money and parenting.

Below are a few points you may wish to consider when moving into a multi-generational living arrangement so that things run smoothly and your loving family connections are maintained and even strengthened.

Set boundaries

Boundaries become an issue if lots of unsolicited advice creates tension among the various generations. Discussing things before moving in together helps set up boundaries regarding finances, childcare arrangements, house cleaning and other factors that impact every family member differently. As time passes, boundaries may shift and change as family members grow and their needs change.

Respect privacy – the importance of private spaces

Giving everyone access to both private and shared spaces is one of the cornerstones of harmonious family life. Often families have to make tight living conditions work by dividing rooms or establishing ironclad bathroom rotation routines, however with our spacious and well thought out designs, everybody in the family will have space enough to claim as their own, or at least to retreat to without having to stand in line for the bathroom.

Set expectations

Setting out and discussing expectations at the beginning helps the family remain in balance and allows for respectful discussion if those expectations aren’t being met. Dividing up and assigning chores is a necessary part of harmonious living. Some families make a list of everything that needs to get done and then let everyone choose a variety of tasks what they want to do to contribute. Create new traditiosn together that bond you together as a family.

Honest communication

Open and honest communication can avoid a build up of resentment, or piles of dirty laundry. Communicating your feelings at an appropriate time in a respectful manner can help the wheels of a family turn smoothly. Listening to others with an open attitude to their feelings and point of view will allow your family members to not only feel heard but also to bring family members closer together.

Dual Occupancy Homes

We have also specifically designed dual occupancy homes that have incorporated a granny flat into the design – so that you can live with your in-laws and not be on top each other, or allow your young adult a sense of independence while still maintaining close connections to the home.

Even if you aren’t in a phase of life where living with extended family is a viable option, you may want to supplement your income. Our home designs created for Dual Occupancy have taken into consideration the desire to be connected – yet have privacy and security – and would suit investors as well as owner-occupiers.

Have a look at our Dual Occupancy Homes page to see if Dual Occupancy may suit your family.

Havana Traditional Single Storey Double Garage Design Facade

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