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Expert Renovation Clean Up Advice

Stepping into your new home or newly renovated home for the first time is an exciting life milestone. Seeing your dream home brought to life is an incredibly rewarding experience for most people, and is often an emotional, memorable time. On the other hand, the prospect of a post renovation clean up is typically far less exciting.

Between builder’s dust, paint stains, and dirt, renovations and building projects often produce a lot of waste that needs to be cleaned up. To explain how to clean a new house after construction or renovations, we’ve teamed up with the experts at Fantastic Cleaners. From how to get rid of dust to how to keep your home clean all the time, discover their top tips below.

1. Clean the walls

Start by dusting walls and ceilings and sweeping dust downwards and onto the floor, where it can then be vacuumed up. A dry brush or cloth is usually the best way to clean walls without damaging paint or plasterboard, but a damp microfibre towel may be necessary to remove more stubborn dust deposits – just be sure to do a patch test in a discreet area to make sure water won’t stain your paint. 

Top Tip: Use a vacuum cleaner to dust any decorative elements and mouldings. 

2. Deep clean your carpet

Once you’ve cleaned the walls, move onto carpets, curtains, and upholstered furniture. Use the smaller head or nozzle attachment on your vacuum cleaner to remove dust from hard-to-reach areas like crevices, folds, and the edge of skirting boards.

3. Wipe and polish wooden furniture and hard surfaces

To clean your wooden furniture and hard surfaces, start by wiping them down with a soft, microfibre cloth. Then, use your vacuum to clean the interiors of any shelving, bookshelves, and cabinets, before finishing by mopping and polishing any hard floors and tiles.

4. Clean the ventilation system

Small dust particles from construction or renovation will inevitably end up in your air conditioner vents, making home ventilation cleaning a must-do step in your cleaning process. To do this, remove all the vent covers in the renovated area, clean them with soapy water, and let them dry completely. Even if they don’t look dirty, you may wish to replace the filters with new ones, since builder’s dust is very fine and often hard to see.

5. Don’t forget the details

Once you’ve followed the steps above, pay attention to the small details. These are often overlooked, but can mean the difference between a house and a home. Don’t forget to clean:

  • Light fixtures
  • Lampshades and chandeliers
  • The ceiling fan blades
  • All electronic devices (TVs, computers, remotes, and phones)
  • Accessories like mirrors, coat hooks, and curtain rails
  • Decorations like picture frames, vases, and figurines

How to maintain your home

Once you’ve cleaned up your new home and gotten settled in, keep it in tip-top condition by following the easy 8 tips below.

1. Check smoke alarms & fire extinguishers

Functional smoke alarms are a government requirement in most Australian states and territories. Every quarter, ensure that your smoke alarm works properly and is fitted with the appropriate batteries. At the same time, check that your fire extinguishers are within date and free of any damage that may prevent their usage in case of emergency.

2. Clean or replace air con filters

As a rule of thumb, you should inspect your air con system at least twice a year to spot any damage or other issues. During your inspection, clean the ducts and replace filters as necessary. If you’re not sure how to do this, call a professional.

3. Maintain the fridge and dryer

Don’t forget about appliance maintenance! Periodically check the exhaust duct at the back of your clothes dryer for built-up lint, dust, dirt, and other debris, and remove it accordingly. While you’re at it, remove and thoroughly clean the refrigerator coils beneath your appliance to ensure it continues to work in top condition.

4. Check the roof and gutters

No matter what type of roof your home design has, it’s bound to become worn and gather dirt and debris over time. Regularly monitor the condition of your roof and pay particular attention to the gutters, which often become clogged. Aim to clean your gutters in spring and autumn to prevent roof and foundation damage.

5. Inspect the exterior paint job

Over time, water and the elements can damage your exterior paint, causing it to chip and crack. Once your home is built, take a few minutes each week to inspect the condition of the paint. If you notice any irregularities, treat the area and paint over it immediately. After a few months, you can reduce your inspection frequency to once a year.

6. Trim trees and shrubs

Our number one gardening tip? Ensure that no trees or shrubbery touch your home’s exterior walls. Greenery gathers a lot of moisture that gets transferred to the walls, which can lead to mould and water damage. It can also act as a bridge for all kinds of pests, giving them a direct pathway to your home. To be safe, trim all the trees and shrubs down to at least 3 inches away from the house. 

7. Inspect doors and windows

When you first move in and periodically afterwards, check that there are no cracks in your doors or windows, as these can compromise the insulation of your home. The caulking around the frames is also a common weak point for newly built homes: Make sure it’s properly attached and apply proper weather stripping if necessary.

8. Check your garage door

It’s not uncommon for electronic garage doors to sustain damage to their tracks or sensor over time. To catch minor issues before they become a full-blown problem, test the garage door monthly and check for any blockages or obstructions on the outside part. 

Maintaining a clean home is a challenge that’s worth the rewards

One of the biggest challenges entailed in maintaining a home is keeping it clean and free of damage over an extended period of time. By following our expert cleaning advice above, you’ll be well on your way to a sparkling house – and a comfortable, inviting family home.

Ready get your house looking spick and span? Give your cleaning tips a try today, or visit Fantastic Cleaners for more cleaning advice.