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Our acreage home designs are all about using the extra space you have to create a comfortable, liveable home that you’ll love.

Are you planning to build a home on acres in Sydney? Congratulations. As acreage home builders in Sydney we understand what a big achievement it is to buy an acreage block Australia’s most competitive real estate market. BBH specialises in building in western Sydney, and as acreage home builders we know what it takes to get the best out of your spacious surroundings and maximise your indoor and outdoor space.
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Acreage home builders

We also have the experience that ensures our acreage house designs are processed and approved as quickly and easily as possible. We know what is required to meet council and state requirements and our acreage designs ensure smooth sailing.

When it comes to building on acres, it’s important to choose an experienced acreage house builder. At BBH our experience in designing and building homes especially for large parcels of land means we know how to create a home that will make the most of the available views and get the best possible use of your block.

As experienced acreage home builders, we have created a range of acreage home designs that, while large, still retain a sense of intimacy and have the best possible flow for modern living. That includes seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor living and entertainment areas.

Why good builders are critical for acreage homes

We also have a wealth of experience building in acreage estates. The BBH team can help you understand what your estate’s specifications are and guide you as you tailor your façade and landscaping so that it meets the expectations of the community while delivering a dream home that is uniquely yours.

We know that building a large home on acres is a big investment, not just financially but emotionally. We’re honoured that you place your trust in us. We’re proud to build a home that you and your family will love to live in and be proud to share with family and friends.

Affordable acreage building solutions

We offer acreage home designs that are great value for money without compromising on the high quality that is at the heart of our business. We understand that when you move into your dream home, you’ll need essentials such as fly screens, floor coverings and much more. That’s why these essential items are part of our standard inclusions. Even if most builders consider them “extras”.

But it’s more than just the essentials. Our packages include numerous luxury inclusions at no extra cost. That leaves you more money to spend on the unique personal touches that will make your new home perfect for you and your family.

One of the great things about Sydney is the variety of lifestyle options available. In fact, these days, families can enjoy all the benefits of a cosmopolitan lifestyle and live in the acreage home of their dreams. All thanks to major infrastructure projects which have connected our communities and reduced transit times.

Acreage homes made easy in Sydney

BBH’s build area incorporates the entire ‘Sydney building belt’ including vibrant city councils such as Penrith, sprawling suburbs like Oran Park and Kellyville and more open and picturesque areas like Mulgoa, Dural, and Maraylya. When you choose an acreage home design in a rural or semi-rural area, you get more than just a beautiful new home, you get a refuge from the hustle and bustle.

The benefits to living in an acreage home are endless. We grown-ups get to enjoy the serenity of nature whether that’s driving in after a long day’s work or actually working from your own relaxing and peaceful home office every day.

There’s also room for the kids to grow, play and enjoy an idyllic Aussie childhood spent outside with friends. And, while technology plays an important role in the modern world, acreage living will enrich your children’s lives and give them space to run, use their imaginations and create their own backyard adventures.

On top of all that, rural and semi-rural neighbourhoods tend to be close-knit. In communities like these, everyone knows and looks out for each other and the quite streets are help to keep the kids’ safe.

If the peaceful and wholesome atmosphere of acreage home living is for you, then BBH has fantastic acreage home designs in a range of modern and traditional style facades.

Acreage home designs, plans and builders in Sydney

Still, acreage home plans aren’t a matter of taking a regular house plan and zooming in to make it bigger. BBH’s acreage home plans are designed to not only take advantage of the larger building envelope and the natural beauty of your particular area but they also provide open spaces for time together, ‘breakout’ spaces for your downtimes and outdoor living and guest areas. By designing acreage homes inspired by how you live, we ensure that everyone you love, truly enjoys your home.

When it comes to acreage house construction, BBH also has the experience to ensure your build comes in on budget. The fixed price tenders we offer are especially valuable in acreage home construction, as the position of your new home will determine how far utilities such as power, gas and water need to be brought onto the site. We ensure you don’t get any nasty surprises when it comes to build costs by doing a full analysis of your site before we quote to build your home.

We’re the acreage home builder specialists

And, as acreage home builders in Sydney, we know what local councils need when it comes to house designs for acreage blocks. This means that building your acreage home will be smooth sailing and memorable for all the right reasons.

So if it’s Sydney acreage living you’re after, give BBH a call on 1300 100 922 or visit our display home at 52 Webber Loop, Oran Park to find out more about how we can help you and your family enjoy all the benefits of building a house on acreage.

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