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ISO 9001 Certified Homes

At Better Built Homes, we have always prided ourselves on a commitment to continuous improvement in order to better serve our customers and support the principles we adhere to. 

That is why we have recently undertaken the process of ISO 9001 accreditation, and have officially become certified. 

What is ISO Certification? 

In order to become ISO 9001 certified, a company must provide consistent quality experiences and services to its customers. It is the international standard for quality within the country, which is why it isn’t simply awarded to everyone. It applies to any organisation, no matter their size or industry, holding everyone to the same high standard in order to receive certification.

ISO 9001 sets the criteria for a quality management system, and anything less than that isn’t considered for certification. Thankfully, at Better Built Homes, the criteria happen to fall in line with the same beliefs we share within our company, including: 

  • A strong customer focus
  • Motivation and implication of top management
  • A process-driven approach
  • Continual improvement

What Does it Mean?

For our team at Better Built Homes, having an ISO 9001 certified system helps us to further our overall mission. We have always maintained a strong dedication to customer satisfaction. That includes ensuring all of our customers receive consistent service and high-quality homes. That dedication has been revealed in other ways throughout the years, including being voted Product Review’s Best Home Builder for the last three years in a row. 

Our dedication goes beyond our customers and into the heart of our organization itself. We pride ourselves on showing subcontractors our commitment to onsite safety because we recognize how important every moving piece of our organization truly is in order for it to succeed. 

How This Impacts Our Customers

Accreditation has endorsed the validity of the systems we already have in place and provided an independent guarantee of our high-quality standards. Additionally, it will help to guide us as we focus on continual improvement. That means you can continue to expect the utmost quality when it comes to your home construction for many years to come. 

Integrity, honesty, hard work, and communication will continue to be top priorities in every home build we do. If you’re interested in learning more about how Better Built Homes can work with you and help you to create the home of your dreams, feel free to contact us for more information. Or, check out our shining testimonials from customers on Product Review. While we have always maintained the highest quality standards for our organization, we are greatly looking forward to what ISO 9001 certification can do for us as we continue to move forward. We are honored and excited to be certified, but even more excited to pass our expertise and quality services onto our customers.