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COVID-19 Update

Better Built Homes Team

At Better Built Homes, our commitment to helping you build a new home remains as strong as ever during these uncertain times. We’ve adopted a range of coronavirus prevention measures that allow us to operate as normally as possible, without placing the health of our team or clients at risk. Read on to learn how we’re working to bring your dream home to life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. We’re conducting meetings remotely

All Better Built Homes staff are currently working from home and responding to enquiries as usual. To ensure that all projects proceed as normally as possible, all face-to-face meetings will now be conducted via Zoom or email.

If you already have a home building project underway with us, your Better Built Homes representative will contact you directly to discuss next steps. As of the publication of this update, we will not charge tender extensions for any clients whose home construction project is delayed due to circumstances relating to COVID-19.

2. Construction are running as usual

Construction on all our current sites are running as usual. If you are in the process of building a home with us, we’ll be in regular contact to discuss any relevant updates and how they may affect your process. Please get in touch with our team via email or phone if you have any questions or concerns and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

3. Our display homes are still open

In line with current health guidelines and social distancing rules, our Oran Park display home remains open by appointment only. Strict hygiene measures will be taken for all appointments, including social distancing rules and practicing good hand hygiene.

A 3D walkthrough option is also available for clients who do not wish to visit our display home at this time.

4. We’re putting our team’s health first

While these are uncertain and unprecedented times, it’s important to remember that life doesn’t have to be put on pause – just adjusted. As such, we’re taking the opportunity to focus on our health and loved ones while practicing social distancing. Our top tips during this time include:

  • Staying social online by regularly checking in with loved ones over the phone, via email, or using video chat platforms like Zoom and Skype. Maintaining these relationships is a great way to feel connected while physically isolated, and can help pass time quicker.
  • Making time for family and ensuring that you’re spending quality time with kids, partners, and parents everyday.
  • Planning your new home by browsing our home designs, getting architectural and interior design inspiration on our blog, and developing your vision of your dream home.

Positivity and forward planning go a long way in home building

Building a home is a challenging, albeit exciting, project at the best of times, but can be particularly daunting in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team is here to support you through these uncertain times and ensure that your family home is completed as planned.

Ready to start planning your home building project? Book in to visit our display home in Sydney now or read our client testimonials and learn why we’ve been voted the best home builders in Sydney for 3 years running.