4 Bedroom House Plans for Every Type of Block

But we’re in the 21st century now, and the more realistic Australian dream recognises that every block of land deserves a Better Built Home. Designing a home that is appealing both architecturally and ergonomically is vital. However, figuring out how to achieve this on your given block of land is the challenge.

Be it one storey, two storeys or acreage house designs that calls to your heart, we’ve compiled the best 4 bedroom house plans for many different sizes of land below.

Single Storey Havens 

If you’re looking to put down roots in a classic one-storey home, many 4 bedroom single-storey house plans are available to you. Leveraging our years of experience, we can help you navigate the all-important decision-making process.

To get started on some ideas for your 4 bedroom single story house plan, let’s walk through a few of our best designs for different types of blocks.

Standard Blocks of Land

When you have a standard size block of land, our recommendation for a simple 4 bedroom house plan would be something like the Belrose 27. In this type of design, you are party to all the comforts needed for family life from house designs with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a 2-car garage and 3 lounge rooms. You’re also given the freedom to choose from traditional or contemporary architecture in light or dark shades, meaning you can really hone in on your creative home-design dreams.

Belrose 27 – Woodvale

Narrow Blocks of Land

Don’t worry if your block of land is a little tight on width (a challenge many of us urban-dwellers face). There are plenty of single-storey house plans that can accommodate the 4 bedroom home design you desire, even on the narrowest blocks.

At Better Built Homes, we are experts in catering to narrow blocks, with the Ascot 18 being one of our most popular designs. This design intricately weaves a 4 bedroom house floor plan into an 8.36m wide home, with a depth of 21.5m. You won’t compromise function for fit here either, this 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house plan contains a 1-car garage and 2 lounge rooms.

Ascot 18 – Hunter

Spacious Blocks of Land

Something like the Sierra 30 is an ideal 4 bedroom house design for those blessed with a broader block of land. A design like this is perfect for growing families because it allows you to include 2 bathrooms, 3 lounge rooms, a study, and ample space throughout the home to make sure you’re not fighting for room.

Sierra 30 – Lawson

Two Storey Builds 

If you’re looking to make your mark with a two-storey home, there are plenty of 4 bedroom house designs that can be adapted to meet your specific needs and tastes. Building upwards rather than outwards allows you to invite roomier living spaces into your home, ideal for growing or large families. 

Choosing a two-storey home design also increases the design options available for your block of land, giving you more creative freedom in building a home. However, too much choice can sometimes be our enemy. To avoid frustration, follow our guide below to the best two-storey, 4 bedroom house plans for your block of land.

Standard Land Blocks

For a traditional two-storey home that reaps all the benefits of spacious and luxurious family living, we recommend designs such as the Georgia 31. Two-storey homes on typical land sizes allow for open-plan floor designs, with more sizeable bedrooms and bathrooms than single-storey homes. The Georgia 31 gives you all this with 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and 3 lounge rooms over two homey levels of living.

Georgia 31 – Classic

Narrow Blocks of Land

When faced with a narrow block of land, one of the most common solutions for building small 4 bedroom house plans is to build upwards in two-storeys. The Arlington 22F offers innovative architectural solutions that avoid sacrificing space, even on narrow blocks of land. For example, the straight corridors featured on both storeys give you easy access to all rooms for easy movement throughout the house.

Arlington 22F – Classic

The Arlington 22R also sports functional living spaces in a narrow-block home design for something slightly different. Homeowners can also play around with the eye-catching brickwork of the Branxton facades because aesthetics should also be a key consideration in

Arlington 22R – Traditional

Both of these homes ensure that you have the living space needed in a 4 bedroom home with 2.5 bathrooms, a 1-car garage, and 3 loungerooms.

Spacious Blocks of Land

If your block of land can cater to the best of both worlds in building upwards and outwards, a 5 bedroom house design like our Alexa 42 is the perfect fit. Available in three classic designs, a home like this provides an elegant, contemporary lifestyle that caters to family living needs. Take, for example, its 4 spacious living areas. Considering you’ll be filling 5 bedrooms’, the multiple living areas are a much-needed complement to avoid feeling cramped.

Alexa 42 – Urban Gallery

Bountiful Acreage Homes

An acreage home design is an excellent way to make the most of single-storey living when building a 4 bedroom haven. Living up to the ‘Great Australian Dream’, we can help you design your dream 4 bedroom house design for your acreage plot.

The Bella Vista 50 is the perfect home for making the most of sunny days with indoor and outdoor living. With over 467m2 of living space, this stunning home offers plenty of room for the whole family to relax and make happy memories together, available in a classic, traditional and modern aesthetic.

Bella Vista 50 – Hampton

The Regent 32 is another breathtaking 4 bedroom house design offering you the most in family acreage living with an open-plan kitchen, dining and family area looking out onto the alfresco. Add a touch of personality with our vast array of facades, inclusions and promotions.

Regent 32 – Traditional

A Note on Style

Size isn’t the only consideration you should consider when designing your home. The ability to choose between traditional, modern, urban and other design aesthetics, along with different facades and fixtures, is also essential. At Better Built Homes, we prioritise your unique ideas to build your dream home cooperatively. Knowing what builders are available in your land area is also crucial.

4 Bedroom Floor Plans and More

So, whether you’re looking to design your home on a standard, narrow or spacious block of land, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to our team today to find the right 4 bedroom house plan for your block. Want to see our modern house designs up close and personal? Visit our display homes at Leppington or North Richmond today.

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