Simplifying Home Structure: What are Bearers and Joists?

If you’re about to build your dream home, there are plenty of technical terms and concepts that can leave you feeling a little lost. One such concept is the use of bearers and joists in home construction. As leading project…
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Maximising Your Land with Duplex Development

As you stand on your property, contemplating the potential, you might not realise the untapped wealth beneath your feet. For people who want to optimise their land’s worth and expand their assets and equity, constructing a duplex is one option…

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Rent Return on Granny Flats

One opportunity that’s caught the eye of homeowners and investors alike is the concept of building a new house and granny flat with plans to rent out the granny flat. These compact, self-contained living spaces are not just an addition…

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A Better Better Built Homes Office

We’re investing in the future of our business by constructing a brand-new Better Built Homes office space. Bigger and better than our previous location, the new office is a purpose-built space designed to house the BBH Family from the journey…

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From Dreams to Reality: Explore Dream Home 8’s Pop Up Display for 9 Days!

Have you ever wondered what happens when rustic charm meets modern elegance? We’re elated to present our newest collaboration with Oak & Orange: Dream Home 8. More than just a home, it’s a reflection of passion, innovation, and meticulous attention…

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Designing Your Dream Home: Tips for Custom Homebuilding

The idea of building a custom home that’s uniquely yours is an exciting venture. Custom home building allows you to imprint your personality and lifestyle into every corner of your residence. With Better Built Homes, our expertise and experience are…

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Floor Plan for Your Home

Everyone dreams of owning their own home, but the path to fulfilling that dream can sometimes feel overwhelming. Your home is a significant investment and one that should mirror your lifestyle and personal preferences. The process to begin building your…

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Multigenerational Living: Home Designs for the Whole Family

Multigenerational living is gaining popularity as families adapt to changing demographics, economic factors, and cultural influences from those already living in a multigenerational home or drafting plans to build a new multi-family home. Follow along as we explore the home…

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Family Homes: Style Guide by Better Built Homes

Designing and building your dream family home can be an exciting and overwhelming experience. Your family home is a significant milestone, and we understand how important it is to get it right. At Better Built Homes, we are committed to…

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Luxury Homes: Style Guide by Better Built Homes

Luxury homes are the epitome of elegance and sophistication. These modern homes are designed to impress, from the lavish interiors to the stunning architecture. If you’re looking to build a luxury home, you must ensure every detail is perfect. This…

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