A Better Better Built Homes Office

We’re investing in the future of our business by constructing a brand-new Better Built Homes office space. Bigger and better than our previous location, the new office is a purpose-built space designed to house the BBH Family from the journey of a Medium to Large builder, from 100 builds per year up to 500 homes per year. We’ve been making dream homes a reality for over a decade with our modern home designs. And thanks to our new high-quality facilities and state-of-the-art home tech, we finally have our dream office space.

“We are reinvesting in our business to provide an upgraded experience for customers and BBH staff,” said Sales & Marketing Manager Paul Spicer.

An Office for Home Builders

Realising we had outgrown our current office space, we designed something new that catered to our home-building methodology as the company’s financial backbone going forward.

“Given the commercial real estate boom in NSW over the last 12 months, there couldn’t have been a better time to purchase land and build our own office,” says Paul. “Although construction costs are increasing, having a purpose build space that matches our brand identity will help anchor the perception of BBH as a dependable home builder who’s in it for the long haul.”

Amongst the upgrades is a colour selection studio over ten times the size of our current studio at 600m², which is over 50% of the entire site and more than enough space to accommodate our five dedicated meeting rooms instead of the measly two in our former office. BBH customers can expect a myriad of colours and extra selections for their dream home, all backed by the same excellent quality.

Thanks to the new office space, we now have the opportunity to display our entire product range, meaning our clients require only one or two external meetings at our supplier centre instead of the previous five. 

Also in the works is the new Breakout Area, which offers enough seating for 90 people and caters for double the size of our current team. We’ve also tripled our parking spaces for staff and guests, which is particularly handy since we now have an additional factory unit located only a few minutes from the current head office at Renshaw Street Cranebrook.

Designing a Better-Built Office Space

What started with a single-storey solution that would fit our 44-strong team quickly grew into a two-storey design with the additional factory units once we realised the initial design could only accommodate two years of planned growth. 

Multiple revisions later, and with the help of our Drafting and Product Design Manager, Michael Sultana, who oversaw the design, approvals and construction, we worked closely with local suppliers and BBH-preferred suppliers to source materials for our selections.

Then, in a similar fashion to our building process, once we prepared draft plans, we went into the interior design and selection process before finalising and submitting them to Penrith Council for approval. 

As this was our first time constructing a commercial building, there were several new challenges, namely with the Commercial BCA/NCC (Build Code of Australia/National Construction Code Volume 2). A home builder typically works within Volume 1 only, which means some extra training was required to fully understand the requirements for various regulations for exits, entries, stairs, elevators, and signage, as well as the different rules for approvals and modifications.

After a six-month application process, several consultants and a few modifications, our plans were approved, which meant we could go to Tender with our chosen commercial builder Full Tilt Construction.  

The new Better Built Homes office space maintains the open floor plan style that has benefited our team for so long, but with the added benefit of separate office spaces for the leadership team.

We’ve also done our best to promote more sustainable and eco-friendly design elements, with skylights and window glazing for natural light, limiting our need for artificial lighting and significantly reducing our power bill.

An Investment in Home Building

Better Built Homes has invested significantly in constructing a brand-new purpose-built office space that caters to its home-building methodology and expansion plans. With upgraded facilities and state-of-the-art home tech, the company aims to provide an improved experience for its customers and staff. 

Better Built Homes will solidify its reputation as a dependable and innovative home builder with our new office space showcasing the entire product range, promoting sustainable and eco-friendly design elements alongside the Better Built Homes experience our customers know and love.

Start designing your dream home at our new Better Built Homes offices today! Visit us at 13 Renshaw Street, Cranebrook, NSW 2749!

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