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Spread the Better Built love around, earn a cash reward for you and your friends or family.

At Better Built Homes, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful homes with a fixed-price contract and quality craftsmanship. We love our values and want to attract more like-minded families to build their homes with us.

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Refer a friend and get

Get $2,000 each

By recommending a friend or family member to Better Built Homes, you’re helping promote our company and in return, are rewarded for doing so.

If you are an existing Better Built Homes advocate, and your referral of a friend or family member are wanting to build with us, we will reward you with $2,000 and reward the person you referred with another $2,000.

Terms & Conditions

*These are the terms and conditions for the Better Built Homes Referral Program (BBHRP). The promoter is Better Built Homes & Developments Pty Ltd ACN 146 891 205 (BBH). The BBHRP begins on 08/07/2024 and ends on 31/07/2026.

A Referrer is a person who introduces a potential customer to BBH and that New Customer signs a building contract with BBH and commences building (New Customer).

BBH will pay a Referrer & Referee for the introduction of a New Customer to BBH subject to the following:

  • The New Customer must not be known to or have previously contacted BBH.
  • The New Customer must not have responded to any marketing, promotions or advertising undertaken by BBH.
  • A New Customer who is on BBH’s database at the time of introduction will not qualify as eligible under the BBHRP.
  • The Referrer must introduce the New Customer to BBH by completing a referral card and presenting the card to a BBH representative.
  • BBH will accept whether or not to contract with any New Customer in the sole discretion of BBH.
  • If BBH accepts a New Customer was introduced to BBH in accordance with these terms and conditions, BBH will pay to the Referrer the amount indicated on the referral card (BBHRP Fee).
  • BBH will pay the BBHRP Fee to the Referrer and Referee once the New Customer’s slab has been poured by BBH at the New Customer’s build site.
  • The BBHRP Fee will be paid in cash by way of a direct deposit into the Referrer and Referee's nominated bank account.
  • There is no limit to the amount of New Customers that a Referrer can introduce to BBH prior to the Expiry Date in accordance with these terms and conditions.
  • The BBHRP may be extended or cancelled at the sole discretion BBH with reasonable notice provided by BBH.
  • To the extent that is permitted by law, BBH is not liable for any loss or damage suffered by a New Customer or Referrer or any other person due to the inability of BBH to provide any aspect of the BBHRP as a result of the act of any third party.
  • Referrer must have an established relationship with Better Built Homes, Through way of purchase or business dealings.  This will be at the discretion of Better Built Homes Management.
  • Email our team to receive your referral reward.

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