Sharing a friendship of over fifteen years, Heather & Sarah transformed their shared passion for home design into Oak & Orange, a place for insider tips and tricks and a wealth of practical knowledge to inspire others to create their dream home. 

Heather & Sarah pride themselves on designing beautiful homes that are practical and functional for the ever-changing modern family. Oak & Orange will guide you through the home building journey, from floor plans and exterior design to colour selections and material finishes, leaving no tile unturned.

Oak & Orange love sharing their hot tips, believing a gorgeous family home should be low maintenance and easy to clean. Oak & Orange home designs leave you more time to spend with your loved ones and less worrying about the finished product. Oak & Orange offers loads of inspiration from the classic Hamptons style to tropical resorts and modern retreats. With so much on offer, it’s safe to say Oak & Orange Better Built Homes have something for everyone.

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Latest Oak & Orange Collaborations

Heather and Sarah work closely with our partners and suppliers to showcase the latest and greatest inclusions on offer from Better Built Homes. While the well-prepared Oak and Orange team work with our colour consultants to finalise their selections, we take care of all drafting, planning, approvals, construction and compliance.

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Our Ultimate Floor Plan & Facade Guide

Making your floor plan and façade selection can be challenging as it shapes the look and feel of your home. Oak and Orange have curated their favourite floor plan and façade combinations into one guide, making the entire process much more manageable.


How To Choose The Right Builder With Oak & Orange

We have an exclusive download from Oak & Orange! Subscribe below to get your copy of their checklist on choosing the right builder.

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Dream Homes

Not content with being one trick ponies, Oak & Orange have made it their mission to get your house inspiration sorted. Loving nothing more than “trying out fresh and new design styles,” an Oak & Orange Dream Home is the culmination of contemporary architecture, interior design and that indescribable feeling of home. 

Working closely with Better Built Homes across several Dream Home projects, including a few custom design houses, Oak & Orange are trailblazers in the industry.

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