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Our step-by-step house-building process combines over 165 years of experience building new homes across all kinds of building journeys in NSW and Sydney. Build your new home the easy way with our 8-step house-building process.

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Stage 1

Home Selection and Requesting a Tender

It’s easy, choose one of our designs and façades to suit your land, lifestyle and budget. We will arrange for a site inspection of your land and order preliminary planning documents and other relevant property information upon receipt of your Tender Request fee.

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Stage 2

Fixed Price Tender

We prepare a tender based on the information collected. The Tender is presented and explained to you in detail by your New Home Sales Consultant at our head office. Once you accept and pay the Tender Acceptance fee, we will prepare your presentation plans.

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Stage 3

Plan Preparations & External Selections

  1. Your complete set of house plans are prepared.
  2. You visit the brick yard to choose your bricks and external colours. This will need to be done prior to attending your Plan Presentation Meeting.
  3. You will need to attend the Plan Presentation Meeting in person at our head office to view your plans. Once you accept your plans and pay your Submission fee, no further structural changes can be made.
  4. As part of our quality control process, you will be asked to sign off on your plans.
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Stage 4

Finalising your Submission Plans

Submission Plans are finalised by our drafting department with any final adjustments and external colour selections added to the plans at this point our external contractors can complete BASIX and NaTHERS assessments.

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Stage 5

Internal Selections

  1. Attend your carpet, tile and electrical selection appointments with our suppliers.
  2. Once the relevant selections have been made at these appointments you’ll need to make an appointment with our Colour Consultant to finalise all selections (Kitchen colours and materials, wall colour, bathroom fittings etc).
  3. Prior to the colour consultation you will need to become familiar with our Colour Selection Guide, The more familiar you are the easier your selections will be.
  4. Our Colour Consultant will guide you through what is included in your Tender and provide a variation for anything you select that is over your Tender amount.
  5. Final Colour Documents will be signed off
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Stage 6


  1. Building approval timelines will vary as each council, certifier & developer have different guidelines that need to be met.
  2. We endeavour to create plans that will meet all the guidelines, however all plans are subject to council or certifier approval.
  3. Once Developer/Council/CDC approval is met, consultant reports are ordered and a construction certificate can then be obtained if required.
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Stage 7

A Building Contract

Once the colour selections are completed and signed off, the certifier is ready and all documents, variations are obtained and completed. We can now prepare your building contact. The HIA building contract is prepared and sent for sign off. You will then need to send a copy of this contract to the bank and provide us proof of funds for your construction.

  1. Final Construction Plans are completed.
  2. As part of our quality control process, you will be asked to sign off on your plans.
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Stage 8

Site Start

  1. Final Construction Plans are completed.
  2. As part of our quality control process, you will be asked to sign off on your plans.
  3. All materials are ordered and checked by management.
  4. This will be your final confirmation that all your requested changes have been completed before construction commencement.
  5. Supervisors are allocated the job file and all construction stages are booked through to the first walkthrough.

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