Specific terms

Better Built Homes means Better Built Homes and any related corporate bodies

“We”, “us” and “our” refer to Better Built Homes.

“Privacy information” includes personal information and sensitive information.

“Personal information” includes information that is capable of identifying an individual such as name, address and date of birth.

“Sensitive information” includes information relating to health or religion, racial or ethnic origin.

APPs refer to the Australian Privacy Principles in the Privacy act 1988 (Cth) (“Privacy Act”).


Purpose of our Privacy Policy

Better Built Homes is bound by the Privacy Act, including the APPs (Australian Privacy Principles) incorporated in the Privacy Act. Our Privacy Policy provide the principles of how we collect, store, use and disclose privacy information you have given to us or that we collect from other sources. It advises you of any relevant matters required under the Privacy Act.

We also explain your rights on how Better Built Homes handles your information.

We ask that you read this Privacy Policy carefully and if you have queries please contact us.


The privacy information we collect

Contact Details: We may collect, as part of our dealings with you, your name, address, telephone number, fax and mobile numbers as well as credit card details and your email address.


Your financial details

To allow us to conduct transactions with you Better Built Homes may collect information about your bank account details and other personal information.


Unsolicited personal information

We may collect personal correspondence or communications you send to us or sent to us about your activities. Any unsolicited personal information we receive/collect we will destroy or de-identify unless we are entitled to collect the information under the Privacy Act.


De-Identified information

Through your use of the Better Built Homes website we may collect de-identified information including dates and times you accessed the website, the domains that enabled you to visit the website, your activity on the website and any protocol addresses.

You will find this information referred to as “Better Built Homes”, we may use click data to analyse trends, statistics and other data to improve our website experience”. Better Built Homes may use click data through the use of “cookies”. A “Cookie” is a text file sent by our website to your browser and stored on your computer.

It does not identify you but identifies your computer. However you can set your computer to not accept cookies but some parts of the website may not work properly or possible at all if cookies are disabled. We also use cookies for remarketing programs to advertise online.

The website may create some pages and emails which may also contact a “web beacon”. The web beacon is a clear pixel image generating a de-identified notice of your visit to be sent to Better Built Homes.

A web beacon will be able to activate an anonymous notice of your visit if you disable cookies. But the notice cannot be linked to information normally contained in cookies.

If Better Built Homes request personal information from you and it is not provided or you ask to give the information anonymously we may not be able to present the information or provide the requested services. You should note that where de-identified data is collected the APPs do not apply.

Better Built Homes may also collect other personal information about you. We will collect and maintain that information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


How Better Built Homes collects privacy information

Under this Privacy Policy you can remain anonymous or use a pseudonym for certain matters and transactions unless this will prove impractical. For instance, you would not be able to remain anonymous when entering into contracts with Better Built Homes or when making any payments to us by credit card, EFTPOS or bank transfers.

You can be assured Better Built Homes will only use lawful and fair means to collect personal information. Better Built Homes’ policy is to only collect privacy information from you directly. That is, unless it is unreasonable or impracticable to collect directly.

Of course, most types of information we collect from you are basic and general personal information and we do not require consent.

Your personal information may be collected in a variety of ways as follows;

  • Person to person
  • From any contract you enter into with Better Built Homes
    From any Better Built Homes forms you have completed and submitted to us as part of our dealings with you
  • Web based enquiries via the Better Built Homes website
  • From correspondence you have posted to Better Built Homes
  • From telephone, fax, emails or any other electronic communications you send to Better Built Homes

If your personal information is not collected Better Built Homes’ ability to provide high quality, efficient and five-star services, or in fact any services, may be severely compromised.

The actual consequences of Better Built Homes not collecting your personal information will depend on the context of the collection and the purpose of collecting the information.


Why we collect and deal with your personal information

Better Built Homes collect privacy information to enable us to operate our new home building company. We need your personal information to enable us to efficiently run our business and conduct essential functions such as designing and building your new home.

We generally only use privacy information collected for the primary purpose for which we collect the information. It may be used for a secondary purpose related to the primary purpose which you would reasonably expect us to use the collected information.

The primary purpose of the collection of privacy information is in part determined by the context in which the information is collected.

The following list indicates the potential primary purposes why we collect and deal with your privacy information;

  • Acting on your queries regarding the activities, services or offers shown on the website and our social media.
  • Communications with parties to an agreement including Better Built Homes as a party
  • To enable business transactions to be conducted including processing invoices, accounts and related financial matters necessary for Better Built Homes to provide goods and services.
  • Undertaking customer satisfaction research relating to Better Built Homes delivery of goods and services.
  • Monitoring activities on the Better Built Homes website and our social media.
  • By providing us, Better Built Homes, with your personal information that information may be passed on to;
    Third parties contracted by Better Built Homes to deliver a product or service to you.
  • Third parties contracted by Better Built Homes to deliver services such as IT services, for example; storing and managing data bases, processing credit card information, mail out distribution, marketing research and surveys, advertising and public relations.
  • Those third parties authorised by you to receive any information held by us.


Marketing campaigns

Direct marketing; For information we have collected about you and you would reasonably expect us to use or disclose the information for our marketing campaigns you can take advantage of an opt-out procedure for all our marketing communications.

This includes but is not limited to these types of direct marketing;

Alerting you to Better Built Homes new or existing products, offers, services and activities. (That is if you have not requested this).


Better Built Homes marketing research into our products and services.

We may send you, or anyone you represent, material and information about Better Built Homes charitable activities.

If we obtain your information from a third party, we will seek your approval for any direct marketing material, unless that is deemed impracticable. Of course, if you do not approve we will not send you our marketing material.

For any remarketing we use cookies. If you visit a website other than ours, or you use a relevant keyword search, you may get our advertisement.

However remarketing cookies can be removed by deleting your browsing history to clear the cookies. This can be done through the settings function of your browser.

It is important to understand cookies do allow us to assess which pages you find helpful. Cookies don’t give us access to your computer or any of your information. We just have access to date you are prepared to share with us.

It’s up to you whether you allow cookies. Although most browsers will automatically accept you can still set your browser to reject them. Please realise without cookies you may  not be able to take advantage of the website. You can opt out of Google cookies and the use of third part vendors.


What happens if you don’t provide us with your personal information

Without your personal information we may not be able conduct normal business with you. That could include quoting for, and construction of, your Better Built Home.


Maintaining integrity, safety and validity of the privacy information you provide us

Here we tell you how Better Built Homes stores your privacy information, ways you can access your privacy information, update the information or make a complaint about any alleged AAP breaches.


The validity of your information

Naturally Better Built Homes needs accurate and correct information to continue to provide high quality and efficient services.

If we find that any of your information is not accurate, it is no longer relevant, or misleading or not the complete picture we will take action, deemed reasonable in the situation, and correct any anomalies to ensure it is accurate.

This will also apply if you request we correct any details in your information we will take action seen to be reasonable in accordance with the circumstances.

If we refuse to correct your information we will advise any reasons for our refusal. If information released by us is later corrected we will notify the party, or you may ask us to notify the party that received the original information regarding the correction.


How safe is your information

Better Built Homes takes all necessary actions to protect the personal information, we obtain from you against loss, accidental or deliberate manipulation, destruction, unauthorised access, misuse, interference, modification or unauthorised notification or disclosure.


Risk of using the website

When using the Better Built Homes website you acknowledge and also accept any risks the website may contain hyperlinks to the website owner, and/or maintained by other independent third parties. Better Built Home has of course no control over privacy practices or the content of any websites linked to the Better Built Homes website.

Please note all we can do is to inform you of the organisations we disclose any privacy information to.


Amendments to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to amend our Privacy Policy at any time. We will post any amendments on our website. Better Built Homes will communicate, at our discretion, any amendments to this policy to you via email or general mail. Naturally, in most cases, there will be no need for your approval for basic amendments to our Privacy Policy.

If we believe the amendments require your approval we will notify you by email and acceptance of that email constitutes approval. That is unless you advise you do not approve of the amendments.


Checking your information

Better Built Homes will provide access to your privacy information and data. You are entitled to access it at any time, at your request, unless there is an exemption to the right to access. If an exemption is in place, we will advise the reason in writing and explain how you can lodge a complaint regarding the refusal.

Better Built Homes may charge an administration fee for giving access to your information. We will, of course, try to provide the privacy information within a reasonable time of your making the request. We expect this will be no more than 30 days.

If we agree your privacy information is incorrect, we will, upon request, attach a note explaining you disagree with the information in question.

Better Built Homes will take all precautions to ensure your personal information is correct and up-to-date and finalised. We rely on the accuracy, viability and the fact that the privacy information is complete when you supply it to us.

If you identify inaccuracies in your personal information or you need to make changes or verify the information we ask that you contact Better Built Homes requesting access to your information. We will ask you for information or documents so that we can confirm your identity.

If you information has been disclosed to a third party previously Better Built Homes will notify those third parties of the changes/correction.


Lodging a complaint

Complaints regarding a potential breach of our Privacy Policy or the Privacy Act can be lodged with the Better Built Homes Privacy Officer who will in good faith rectify the issue and respond within a reasonable time following complaint.

Contact us

All privacy information requests or other related matters should be directed to Better Built Homes Privacy Officer by email at [email protected] or by mail to the Privacy Officer Better Built Homes 21/9-12 Lambridge Place, Penrith 2750. Phone 1300 100 922.

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