From Dreams to Reality: Explore Dream Home 8’s Pop Up Display for 9 Days!

Have you ever wondered what happens when rustic charm meets modern elegance? We’re elated to present our newest collaboration with Oak & Orange: Dream Home 8. More than just a home, it’s a reflection of passion, innovation, and meticulous attention to detail. Dive into a journey where every panel or brick, every beam, and every design choice tells a story.

Join Us for the Grand Reveal

Mark your calendars for the 23rd of September! Oak & Orange will host a grand opening day, a ticketed event limited to 250 groups. Following this, the house will be open for public viewing from the 24th of September to the 2nd of October. This is a unique opportunity to experience the modern barn design in all its glory.

Please refer to our Facebook Event for all the details for those interested in attending. We request attendees to be considerate of others’ health and safety. If you’re feeling unwell, we recommend booking an appointment at a later date.

A Glimpse into Dream Home 8

Our journey with Dream Home 8 began with a vision: to create a home that perfectly fits a corner block of land, taking advantage of fewer neighbours and specific garage placement. Initially, our inspiration was drawn from the Fairlight 48 floor plan, celebrated for its coastal farmhouse design as showcased in the Oak & Orange’s Dream Home 7 series

The Fairlight 48 is renowned for its expansive windows that flood each room with natural light, promoting a healthy living environment by aligning with our body’s circadian rhythms. This spacious 5-bedroom double-storey home design is perfect for families and guests, offering dedicated spaces for entertainment, relaxation, and alfresco dining.

However, as the project evolved, we found the Fairlight 40 to be a more fitting choice for Dream Home 8. Or, in the words of our client, “It was perfect.”

Though a smaller sibling to the Fairlight 48, the Fairlight 40 is no less impressive. It boasts a grand entrance that flows seamlessly into an open living area, making it an entertainer’s dream. The design also accommodates a swimming pool, ensuring endless fun for kids during the summer. 

One of the standout features of the Fairlight 40 is its adaptability. Whether you desire the garage on the right or left side of the facade, this design can be tailored to meet your needs, making it the ideal canvas upon which we painted our masterpiece.

Crafting the Modern Barn: Modifications Tailored to Perfection

Functionality was at the heart of Dream Home 8. With an understanding of the changing economic landscape and the potential for extended and multigenerational family living, we ensured all bedrooms could comfortably fit queen beds.

“I know my kids will be living with us for a while, and I wanted to accommodate that, so we sized up all the bedrooms in the home,” said the client.

The design also incorporates a guest wing, offering flexibility for evolving family dynamics, whether accommodating parents or planning for future generations.

Tailoring the Fairlight 40 to Perfection

The homeowner’s vision was clear from the outset: a home that perfectly fits a corner block of land, maximising the advantages of fewer neighbours and specific garage placement. 

However, after consultations with our expert sales team, the Fairlight 40 was tailored to meet the family’s specific needs, including a pool and interconnected engine rooms for practicality, such as the laundry, butler’s pantry, and mudroom.

“There really is a lot that can be catered for in the Fairlight 40 floor plan, and that’s what we loved about it!”

Ground Floor Enhancements

The Fairlight 40 underwent meticulous modifications to embody the vision of a modern barn. On the ground floor, expansions were made across the board: from the garage door and an added window to the entry’s barn door leading to the study. The laundry now boasts added cabinetry and a unique Haven “HAV8” door, complete with a doggie door. The kitchen and living area added wider windows for additional lighting.

First Floor Refinements

The first floor received its share of enhancements. The living room now enjoys added windows, while the main bathroom underwent a functional rearrangement, including an additional sink. The bedrooms were expanded and fitted with wider windows, ensuring comfort and luxury. The main bedroom and en-suite experienced a transformation, with a more spacious walk-in robe, a separate dressing area, and a double shower head.

A Facade Like No Other

But perhaps the pièce de résistance is the house facade. Dream Home 8 introduces the ‘Montana’ facade, a modern American barn style that’s a first for Better Built Homes. This custom facade is complemented by the James Hardie Vertical Axon™ Cladding, a Colorbond Steel roof in monument, and custom carriage-style garage doors. The expansive windows within the living area and the en-suite’s double shower heads further elevate the home’s luxurious feel.

Key Highlights of Dream Home 8 Modifications

To truly appreciate the depth of craftsmanship and innovation that went into Dream Home 8, let’s delve into the standout modifications that set this home apart:

  1. Custom ‘Montana’ Facade: Introduced an entirely new facade named the ‘Montana’, marking a pioneering step for Better Built Homes.
  2. James Hardie Vertical Axon™ Cladding: Premium cladding to enhance the home’s exterior aesthetics.
  3. Colorbond Steel Roof: A monument shade for the roof, adding to the home’s modern appeal.
  4. Colonial Glazing Bars: Sourced from the renowned Wideline.
  5. Custom Carriage-Style Garage Door: Installed a bespoke garage door with clear, plain windows.
  6. Ground Floor: The entire floor plan for the ground floor was thoughtfully expanded to fit the lot size, ensuring a spacious and comfortable living environment.
  7. Adaptable Garage Design: The garage was enhanced with double doors, an added window, and a side door, showcasing its adaptability.
  8. Barn Door Entry: A rustic barn door was added to the study, seamlessly blending with the modern barn theme.
  9. Enhanced Laundry Space: The laundry area now features added cabinetry and a unique Haven “HAV8” door from Hume Doors, complete with a doggie door.
  10. Guest Bedroom Refinements: Modifications include a relocated robe, a corner shower, and a wider window, optimising space and functionality.
  11. Living Area Upgrades: The kitchen and living area were enriched with wider and additional windows.
  12. First Floor Enhancements: The entire first floor was expanded, with notable changes in the living room, main bathroom, bedrooms, and the main bed & en-suite. This includes wider windows, smart robes with sliding doors, and a double-headed shower in the en-suite.
  13. Modern American Barn Style: The introduction of the ‘Montana’ facade, combined with other modifications, brings the vision of a modern American barn to life.

A Dream Home with a Story

At Better Built Homes, we pride ourselves on our commitment to innovation, design, and understanding our client’s unique needs. Working closely with Oak & Orange, we’ve transformed the Fairlight 40 floor plan into a home that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Every aspect of this home has been crafted with precision, passion, and a deep understanding of the homeowner’s vision. 

While many are drawn to the popular Hampton-style homes, our client sought something different, a fresh option for the market. 

“Almost every second home now is inspired by or is a Hamptons home. We wanted something different,” said the client. “Something that was still lightweight like a Hampton but not Tudor.”

For those unfamiliar, a Tudor façade is characterised by its steeply pitched roofs, half-timbering, and embellished doorways. It’s a style that harks back to the historic Tudor period in England, known for its distinctive and ornate design elements.

And then, there it was: the ‘Montana’ façade, the perfect solution. Offering a lightweight design with subtle white accents, setting Dream Home 8 apart from the more traditional Tudor and the ubiquitous Hamptons styles.

“We fell in love and had to have it on our new build!” exclaimed the client.

Discover the Charm of Dream Home 8: Where Elegance Meets Functionality

Dream Home 8 stands as a beacon of our dedication to pushing the boundaries of design and functionality. In collaboration with Oak & Orange, we’ve sculpted a space that isn’t just about living but about experiencing art, comfort, and harmonious innovation. As you step into this modern barn marvel, you’re not just entering a house; you’re immersing yourself in a tale of dreams, dedication, and design excellence.

Join us in this celebration at our display centres, and let Dream Home 8 inspire your dreams of the perfect home. Curious about how we bring such masterpieces to life? Discover our process or consider custom home building service in Sydney with Bespoke by Better Built.

For more insights and updates, check out our blog. Ready to embark on your home-building journey with us? Book a meeting or contact us today.

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