Everything You Need To Know About House Facades

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A house facade (pronounced “fa’saad”) is a fancy way of describing the look and appearance of your home from the street. Also known as curb appeal and street appeal, house facade design is an essential part of any home design, new and old, directly impacting first impressions and whether or not someone says, “oooh! Ahhh!” when they pass by.

A standout house facade can make your property more appealing to prospective buyers and, as a result, easier to sell in the future when it’s time to move on. Even if you’re not planning on selling your home, the exterior of your house may set the tone for your neighbourhood, give it individuality, and distinguish you from other real estate properties on the street.

As one of our six simple additions to increase your property value, we’re taking things a step further with a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about house facades, curb appeal and the entire suite of contemporary house facade designs and style options offered by Better Built Homes.

Choosing a Modern House Facade From BBH

First impressions matter. It’s natural for anyone approaching your home from the street to focus on the front or exterior, i.e. the house facade and curb appeal of your property. Without inviting strangers into your home for an interior design tour, you can project your unique style and lifestyle to the whole neighbourhood through your chosen house facade design – materials, colours, features, lighting, and landscaping.

Every Better Built Homes design offers you a selection of facades to give your home a point of difference from all the rest. With myriad choices for building materials, colours and finishes, you’ll have a contemporary house facade you can be proud to show off.

Facade Styles

Your home’s exterior plays a crucial role in first impressions. It’s time to ask yourself: what personal style do you have? When it comes to house facade ideas, it’s all about you. Better Built Homes is here to guide you towards the most satisfying house facade option so that you can marvel at your domain when you pull into the driveway.

Will you go for something conventional, in keeping with conservative designs, or will you opt for something more daring and “out there”? 

Are traditional appearances more your style, or are you looking to go uber-modern with a minimalistic design?

A wide selection of modern and urban design homes are also available from Better Built Homes. Using a mix-and-match strategy, you can choose your floor plan first and then decide which facade you like the best. Designing your ideal floor plan and facade combination is a simple approach to building the house of your dreams.

Below are all the house facade design options from Better Built Homes.

Contemporary Facade Design Options

Classic Facade Design Options

  • Leura
  • Classic
  • Hampton
  • Hazelbrook (Double Storey Only)
  • Lawson (Single Storey and Acerage Only)

Urban Facade Design Options

  • Urban
  • Traditional
  • Hunter
  • Daintree (Double Storey Only)
  • Kingston (Single Storey Only)

Material Options

We’ve come a long way from the basic materials of earlier home builders. With so much variety in home construction, Better Built Homes can offer our customers a fantastic selection of building materials for their house facade designs.

For ideas on how to style yourself, we recommend looking at brand-new housing developments and display centres, visiting the many display homes positioned around the Greater Sydney area, or even reading home-building publications and online forums. 

Better Built Homes has display homes across three display centres – Leppington Living, Newpark and Redbank – open seven days a week between 10 am and 5 pm. 

You can inspect our high-quality craftsmanship at any of our locations. See the fantastic brick colours, textures, and finishing touches using stone, lumber, glass, and rendering.

James Hardie Cladding

Better Built Homes offers a range of cladding options from our partners over at James Hardie. Customers can access endless styles, profiles and textures from the Hardie™ Exterior Cladding Solutions range.

Colour Choices

Colours offer so much variety it’s hard to encapsulate all the possibilities and combinations. With your choice of colour options for your modern house facade, you can use a variety of contrasts to produce engaging results. Whether matching exterior colours to your preferred aesthetic style or with expert advice from our colour consultants, we want to ensure your curb appeal is through the roof. Sometimes, even a fresh coat of paint is all you need to bring out the best in your house facade.

Better Built Homes’ colour schemes and facades are excellent sources of inspiration, especially when choosing more minor particulars, such as the fascia, gutter, and front door colours. No matter your vision, you are free to make your own decisions, keeping in mind that some estates have specific design requirements.

Of course, you need to consider maintenance and upkeep with any decision. Fortunately, our home-building team can help guide you through every step of the house facade design process. Check out our home-building process for more information.

Stand Out Design Features

We advise you to consider what aspects of your chosen facade choice you want to draw attention to as people pass by your house. For some, the garage doors may be the critical factor, while a combination of the front entry and landscaping may yield the best results for others.



Your garden’s hues should harmonise with your house’s hues and exterior materials. Make intelligent plant selections to get the proper balance of colours and upkeep over time so that the garden doesn’t appear overrun or the shrubs have beyond their borders. Beyond your physical home, your front yard is another opportunity to increase curb appeal, naturally.


Think about the lighting options that will allow you to create subtle effects around your home’s facade. Brick panels can be highlighted with up-and-down lighting, and strategically placed lighting in the garden produces stunning results.

Better Built Inclusions To Improve Curb Appeal

When you first move into your Better Built Home, we want you to feel like you never want to leave. Through our Better Built Inclusions, we can give your home that “wow factor” by including modern comforts and those all-important finishing touches. 

Most builders refer to the high-end fixtures and fittings included in our BETTER LUXURY and LIVING offerings as “extras.” Not us; we offer them from the get-go, keeping our promise for a fixed price tender on all our home-building projects.

Better Luxury & Opulence Promotions

Additionally, for just $6,000, you’ll be upgraded to our Opulence Promotion upgrade package, which is worth $43,000. Aside from a range of interior benefits like luxury bathrooms to top-of-the-range appliances, there are plenty of house facade inclusions that can boost your curb appeal even further.

Already included with our Luxury offering is a coloured concrete driveway, front porch and alfresco, Wideline aluminium windows and sliding doors, obscure bathroom glazing, Nylon mesh flyscreens on all windows, upgraded BBH Austral Bricks selection, a COLORBOND® steel roof, fascia and guttering system, and a Steel Line automatic panel lift garage door, with remote control.

With the Opulence Promotion added, you can upgrade to a HUME 1200mm WIDE front door plus Floor tiling to the front porch and alfresco area. You can also paint your front door to add a unique twist to your house facade design.

Better Living & Inspire Promotions

Retaining the high-quality fixtures and fittings throughout your house, we created our Better Living features for the budget-conscious among you.

Furthermore, our Inspire promotion upgrading package is worth $29,000 yet costs only $6,000–that’s outstanding value if we say so ourselves.

Our Better Living inclusions offer a similar selection as our Better Luxury inclusions with a few differences. Bricks will be sourced from the Austral Everday Life Bricks range, and the HUME 820mm WIDE front door is already included. If you’re still keen on the COLORBOND® steel roof, it’s available through the Inspire promotion.

House Facade Customisation Options

Don’t see the house facade design you want? Don’t worry. Much like how we can customise our floor plans and modern home designs to suit your needs, we can adjust the look and feel of your house facade to match your intended vision. Speak to one of our friendly consultants today to discuss how we can customise the Better Built Homes experience for your house facade

Make as many decisions as you can before speaking with us so that, when we meet, we can concentrate on assisting you with the details of your house facade ideas and design.

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