Maximising Your Land with Duplex Development

As you stand on your property, contemplating the potential, you might not realise the untapped wealth beneath your feet. For people who want to optimise their land’s worth and expand their assets and equity, constructing a duplex is one option…

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Rent Return on Granny Flats

One opportunity that’s caught the eye of homeowners and investors alike is the concept of building a new house and granny flat with plans to rent out the granny flat. These compact, self-contained living spaces are not just an addition…

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Hampton Homes: Style Guide by Better Built Homes

Hampton style homes have become increasingly popular in recent years, with their coastal and relaxed aesthetic capturing the hearts of homeowners across the globe. But what exactly is Hampton style, and how can you achieve it in your home? Luckily,…

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Increase Your Property Value With These 6 Simple Additions

How to increase the value of your home in Australia? There are endless ways to increase the property value of your home in Australia. However, many involve expensive and time-consuming renovations that could reveal more problems than they fix. Before…

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