Building A New Home The Easy Way

Building a new home is one of the most rewarding times in anyone’s life. Our directors, Jayden and Aaron, were builders/carpenters for over ten years before launching Better Built Homes in 2010, so we’ve had our fair share of residential construction, from the narrowest inner-city blocks of land to acreage home building in western Sydney

Our team of passionate individuals brings over 165 years of combined experience building new homes in NSW and Sydney across all kinds of building journeys. 

Fortunately, all that experience doesn’t remain locked away in our heads. Instead, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to building a new home with all the need-to-know information for added peace of mind.

Because we’re in the business of making your dream come true, we do our utmost to provide you with the best home-building experience possible, which is why we’ve been voted the best home builder in Sydney and NSW three years in a row.

With our guide in your hands, you’ll spend less time worrying about building a new home and more time putting the dream into a dream home. Trust us; it’s not a cliche. Better Built Homes mean a better-built home! 

We cover everything, including our upfront price tender, choosing your block of land, selecting the right floor plan and modern home design, choosing a home facade, getting finance, plus essential legal considerations and grant information.

Before you know it, you’ll pop the cork on a bottle of champagne to celebrate receiving the keys to your new home.

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Location, Location, Location

Finding the perfect location for your new home is essential to any better-built home. While each suburb has its subjective qualities, there are certain elements that you should consider in the neighbourhood and community you choose to call home.

  • Are there future growth and infrastructure plans for the area?
  • Are there any good schools, shops, or parklands nearby?
  • Is there adequate public transportation available?
  • Are you located close to motorways for accessibility to other areas?

Of course, the easiest way to find out if a neighbourhood is right for you is to pop in for a visit. See the estate, check out nearby parks and amenities and research the area to see whether we can build your home on the block. You’d be surprised at the various council restrictions.

Just be wary of any design guidelines specified by the estate developer, including facade treatments, facade materials and colours, and driveway. Many first-timers fall in love with a floorplan only to discover it won’t fit their block of land. 

Better Built Homes takes care of everything from designing your floor plan to navigating the myriad of planning permissions and council regulations.

One way you can help us out is by purchasing a flat block of land. It’ll save you thousands of dollars for the additional site and landscaping costs. We will work with you to tailor your plan in the most practical way to help manage the site costs of your build.

Site Inspections

Before we take you through our approach to home building, we need to make you aware of the price hike traps other home builders utilise. Building quotes can be manipulated to exclude certain costs associated with constructing your home. You should be especially wary of home builders that don’t inspect your site before providing a tender price. Because despite what they may say, you do need a site inspection for a new home. Or, in this case, a site inspection.

Site inspections are conducted first by a supervisor. Once accepted, a surveyor and geotechnical engineer are essential to determining the final price of a build, as a range of factors can influence construction, such as site access or sloping land, which may require retaining walls. You’ll also need to collect a soil report to ensure your new home complies with Australian standards.

If your chosen builder hasn’t completed a site inspection before handing you the tender price, you could be slugged with thousands later in the build when problems with the land eventually rear their ugly necks.

That’s why we inspect every block of land before building your home. Before we give you the upfront price tender, Better Built Homes ensures the completion of a site soil report, contour survey, section 10.7 certificate and other relevant property information for safety and compliance.

Choosing The Right Floor Plan

This is where the fun begins. Guided by the dimensions of your property, it’s time to consider your family’s current and future needs. Better Built Homes has over fifty modern home designs, including acreage floor plans and double-storey home designs

To help you figure out what you do and don’t need, let’s break it down room by room.

Bedrooms: how many depends on the number of people living in the home now and in the future. 

A Study Or Home Office: designate a place for children to do their homework, a reading room, or a work-from-home office.

Entertainment spaces: position dining spaces near the kitchen, enjoy alfresco outdoor living areas, or maybe a home theatre room to watch all those Netflix movies. 

Extra Room: Ideal for frequent guests or perhaps as a gym, play space or games room. 

Bathrooms: How many would you like to have? If you are also planning to accommodate relatives, you may need more toilets. 

Living Areas: How many living areas do you need? One main space where everyone can gather, plus a separate room for the kids? 

Accessibility: Where will you spend most of your time in this home? Is there good access from this central point to other areas in the house? 

Storage: The linen closet is obvious. However, your family may need extra storage space for sporting equipment and other gear. Or, if you have a home-based business, you may need storage space for files and equipment. 

A Special Room or Reflection Area: In Australia’s multicultural society, religion and other spiritual pursuits play an essential role in a family home. Perhaps you might want to include a prayer room for quiet contemplation or a Yoga room which could be your Ashram for yoga postures and meditation.

If you cannot find a home design that fits your needs, don’t worry. Better Built Homes can customise our plans to suit you and your growing family.

Better Buit Homes Homes Ivy 32 Leppington Living

Choosing a Facade

The exterior of your home is integral to first impressions. Your choice of style, materials, colours, features, lighting and landscaping will epitomise your personality and the lifestyle you like to live. Take the time to consider the following for your facade and curb appeal:

  1. Choose The Right Style – What is your style and aesthetic?
  2. Choosing Materials And Colours
  3. What Are Your Favourite Colours
  4. What Parts Of Your Facade Do You Want To Stand Out
  5. Landscaping and Lighting Can Make A Big Difference

Getting Finances

Although we’re in the business of building new homes, getting finance* is still a vital aspect of any home-building project—our golden rule: be open about all of your financial commitments. You don’t want to sign up for a mortgage that you can’t afford to repay down the track.

How to avoid Lenders’ Mortgage Insurance?

Before applying for a construction loan, ensure you have a deposit of at least 20 per cent to avoid paying Lenders’ Mortgage Insurance, which contrary to popular belief, protects the bank – not you and your family.

What are honeymoon rates?

Beware of ‘honeymoon’ rates offered by banks when building a new home. ‘Cheap’ loans often have higher fees or are inflexible and difficult to change or exit.

*Disclaimer: This guide is not a substitute for expert financial advice.

Legal Considerations

Don’t be afraid to ask for evidence that your builder has workers’ compensation, public liability, risk and home warranty insurance documents. You can find all this information in the standard industry contract supplied by your home builder.

The areas that will be specific to your build (and that you should check): 

  • timeline, 
  • cost and payment schedule, 
  • specifications of the house, 
  • cooling-off period, 
  • deposit required for signing the contract.

You will also need to find a legal representative to help you with:

  • the land sale (acting on your behalf when dealing with the land sales side of things)
  • looking over the building contract

Grant Information

The NSW State Government offers grants* to assist buyers of new homes. These grants are available to owner occupier and investor buyers. (Available to first home buyers, second home buyers and investors for purchasing a new home.) 

*Visit the NSW Office of State Revenue for further information and qualification criteria: 

A Seamless Building Experience

With the proper knowledge and the right home builder, building a Better Built Home is a seamless journey. Better understand our new home building process today and download our exciting and practical new home building guide today!

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Get to popping champagne corks and jingling your new set of keys sooner with Better Built Homes.

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