What Type Of Home Is Right For You?

Compare the pair. Same age, same income, same number of kids, and yet there could be a world of difference between their dream homes. Choosing a house isn’t easy, but with the right home builder, we can help you discover what type of home is right for you.

From how to choose a house style, and all the house design considerations in between, Better Built Homes prides itself on making your dream home a reality.

Questions to answer before designing a house

Before deciding on a house, there are a few questions you’ll need to ask yourself to understand what you need in a home.

1. Do you have or plan to have children?

Children need space to grow, and then some. How many children you have, or plan to have, will significantly impact the amount of space you require. While most of our single storey home designs are suitable for growing families, our double-storey and acreage homes offer an almost endless amount of space for your children.

2. Do you have any pets?

Similar to having children, your pets also need space to move around. Although cats don’t require a massive backyard to run around in, dogs often do. Inner-city dwellings, for example, might not be an ideal location for large dogs, but that does depend on your proximity to parks. When choosing a Better Built Home, consider your furry friends too.

3. Is having a large garden area important to you?

If you have a dog or your hobby botanist, or you enjoy a quality game of backyard cricket, you probably already know the answer to this question. If not, you can probably get away with having a smaller backyard. All Better Built Home designs come with a dedicated alfresco dining area for all your entertaining needs. Speaking of which…

4. Do you enjoy entertaining guests?

If you enjoy entertaining guests, love dinner parties, and can’t wait till your mates are over on Saturday arvo, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with every one of our designs. With ample dining space, plenty of living areas, and a dedicated alfresco dining area, every Better Built Home is an entertainer’s dream home. As for those who enjoy the quiet life, there’s plenty of space for all your activities.

5. Do family or friends spend the night often?

Sure, family and friends won’t mind sleeping on the couch when there’s no other option, but if you often have guests spending the night, you’ll want to consider a home design with a spare room. From our largest acreage homes to our most affordable floor plan, we can customise our curated list of designs to include guest suites for whoever is spending the night.

6. Are you living in the city?

Because if you are, you might want to take a look at our narrow home designs. Each of our modern and unique narrow block homes maximises internal and external living areas that make full use of natural light to create a feeling of openness and airiness.

7. How many cars do you need?

A growing family means destinations aplenty. Better Built Homes feature double and single garage designs available across all of our home designs, even on narrow blocks. Got a third car? Maybe someone needs extra storage space. If you’re on an acreage lot, some of our designs offer a third garage, such as the Aria 45.

Better Built Homes House Styles Single Storey

Through a combination of modern house design and space-efficient floor plans, there are zero compromises when you choose to build a single storey home with us. Ideally suited to first-time home buyers and builders, our house designs range from classic bungalows to modern single storey homes that make the perfect home for you and your family, thanks to their architectural presence and wide range of customisations. 

Catering to every style, addressing every need, and ensuring all preferences are met, get started on your Better Built Home journey with our selection of single storey home designs.

Macquarie 33

Featuring five bedrooms, three bathrooms, an open-plan kitchen dining area, a two-car garage, and a myriad of spaces for the whole family to enjoy. Inside your Macquarie 33 home, you’ll have everything you need with this single-storey design, like the thoughtful positioning of the activity room near the kid’s bedroom.

Visit our North Richmond display homes to view the Macquarie 33 with the Woodvale facade.

Sierra 30

Offering growing families the opportunity to maximise space in a single storey design. With four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a study, plus ample space for every family member, it’s no wonder Sierra 30 is one of our most popular modern home designs.

Double Storey

As one of Sydney’s best builders, we’re well-known for our fantastic range of two-storey house designs, each one catered to growing families. Ideal for a sizable block of land in a new subdivision or as a knockdown rebuild of your existing home. A double-storey home is a cost-effective option for families that need even more space than what’s available in our single storey options.

Glenbrook 45

Boasting a clever floor plan, contemporary exteriors and nearly unlimited room for a double-storey home, the Glenbrook 45 is a city home that allows for stylish experimentation. The laundry room is hidden away in the double garage workshop (out of sight, out of mind, right?). Plus, the rumpus room is directly connected to the alfresco area for seamless movement between outdoor and indoor living spaces. 

Tiffany Rose 34

A spacious, two-storey house with five spacious bedrooms, a guest suite, three bathrooms, one ensuite, a double garage, plus three living spaces and a stunning alfresco dining area. Tiffany Rose 34 is a beautifully designed house that encompasses craftsmanship and quality. 


Remember how we said our double storey house designs offer more space than our single storey homes? Well, that’s not entirely true.

With expansive frontages that range from 28m across to nearly 40m, our premium selection of acreage home designs will help you make the most of your property while tapping into the latest house design trends. We’re talking classic country style homes, modern farmhouses, and houses of opulence that only exist in your imagination. Live the luxurious lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of with Better Built Homes.

Bella Vista 42

Now, this is living. Bella Vista 42 home design offers over 389m2 of floor space across a whopping five bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, four living areas, and a butlers pantry. With all the modern features and fittings that a growing family could need, the open plan kitchen, dining room, and living area serve as the heart of the house where the whole family can gather for even more beautiful memories together.

Eliana 45

A five-bedroom, three-bathroom residence designed to create a dream lifestyle, you and your family will have all the room you need inside the impressive Eliana 45.

You should also consider the Eliana 41 + Granny Flat home design for its abundance of shared family spaces and a granny flat serving as the home’s west wing. It’s a spacious six-bedroom single-storey home with an extensive range of inclusions as standard.

Affordable Home Designs

It’s no secret that the cost of living is going up. Fortunately for you and your family, you can bring everybody together under one roof without breaking the bank. Even though our selection of affordable home designs exudes luxury, you won’t need a golden spoon in your mouth for the pleasure of living there.


Townhouses benefit from the lower maintenance and upkeep costs of a smaller block of land while still enjoying the privacy of your own home, making them an excellent entry into the property market. Our townhouse home designs are built for Sydney living, able to accommodate any lot width, from 7 metres to 40 metres, making them even more ideal for first-time homebuyers, young families or investors. For a firsthand look at what Better Built Homes can achieve for you, check out one of our townhouse display homes.

Which floor plan is right for you?

How to choose a floor plan for a new house

It may sound cliche, but we’re not like other builders. We don’t have set floor plans, and we ensure you get the most out of the home design process. 

We’re realistic. We understand that land isn’t always flat, and we accommodate that through flexible home designs. Our friendly team will help you realise your dream as they guide you through how to choose a floor plan for a new house that suits your financial budget and the size of your growing family.

That being said, there’s no “on-size-fits-all” approach or master guide for picking the perfect floor plan for your new home. Everyone is different, and every family has additional requirements and desires for their home, whether that be walk-in robes for every bedroom for the older kids in the house or larger entertaining spaces to host your extended family.

Whatever you need in your floor plan, we’re here to make your dream home a reality.

Luxury Home Inclusions

What others call extras, we see as the standard for choosing Better Built Homes. Simply get in touch with one of our seasoned home building experts, and we’ll take you through our wide range of modern home designs and our even longer list of luxury home inclusions. You’ll receive upgraded inclusions to your new home for only $6,000 through our Inspire and Opulence promotions.

Our inclusions include premium fixtures and fittings that most builders call “extras”. We maintain the highest quality throughout your home with affordability in mind, from the light fixtures to the included appliances.

Featuring 15 quality upgraded items, our Opulence Promotion offers premium quality upgrades for your new home. Then there’s our Better Luxury with premium inclusions, such as a driveway, COLORBOND roofing, Actron ducted air conditioning, solar panels, Caesarstone kitchen-benchtops and vanities, alongside other must-have house features!

Creating A Dream Home With Better Built Homes

To learn more about the best new home builder in Sydney, NSW, check out our other blogs or get inspired by our range of home designs today!

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