Dirt to Dream Home: House and Land Packages Explained

Building your dream home is an exciting journey but can also be overwhelming. From finding the perfect location to choosing the right builder, there are many decisions to make. House and land packages can make the process easier by bundling the cost of land and construction into one package. But how do these packages work, and what should you look out for when considering one?

From stamp duty savings to builders’ warranties, we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions to help you determine whether a house and land package is right for you.  

What is a House and Land Package?

House and land packages are popular among people who want to build their own home. These packages combine the cost of land and construction into one bundle, making the building process easier and more affordable. When you purchase a home and land package, you essentially buy a piece of land and a custom-built house from a single home builder.

There are two types of purchases that you can make from this process:

  1. Land only: you purchase a block of land and engage a builder to design and build your home
  2. House and land: you buy a package that bundles the block of land and the house as one cost. Often called a two-part contract, which includes both a land and building contract. 

If you dream of buying a new home that you can design and build from scratch, you might find yourself looking at the land before finalising your build. But how exactly do they work?

How Do House and Land Packages Work?

House and land packages typically work in the following way:

  1. You choose a location: various land options are available in different areas, so you can choose the one that suits you best.
  2. You choose a home design: or you can work with us to create a custom design that meets your needs. Just remember that not all floor plans are compatible with House and land packages.
  3. You sign the contracts: once you have chosen your land and design, you will sign a contract with the developer and builder that outlines the cost of the package, the construction timeline, and any other essential details.
  4. Construction begins: once the contract is signed. This process typically takes around 7-10 months, depending on the size and complexity of the project.
  5. Move-in: Once construction is complete, you can move into your new home and start enjoying your dream home!

These days, most new land subdivisions are built by property developers who acquire land. Once acquired, the developers work alongside the government and local council to rezone the land for the development of infrastructure (roads, utilities, water and sewage) and work alongside homebuilders to:

  • Build homes and sell them as a complete house and land deal or
  • Offer the land as individual blocks for sale to the public.

One potential benefit of buying your new home this way is that you can tailor the property to suit your needs.

Another benefit is that all new homes go through BASIX approval, which means environmentally friendly materials and features are often part of the package, as sustainability has become a key benchmark in the construction industry.

House and Land Packages: What To Look For

When considering a house and land package, there are several things to look out for:


Consider your budget when choosing a block of land. A cheaper block may seem attractive, but it may cost you more in the long run if you need to spend more on excavation, retaining walls, and services.


When it comes to real estate, location is vital. Consider what you want regarding amenities, such as schools, shops, parks, and public transport. Consider the distance to your workplace and the time you will commute. Look into the neighbourhood and ensure it fits you and your family well.


Before you buy a block of land, make sure you check the zoning. Zoning determines what you can and can’t build on the land and any restrictions that may apply. You can find the zoning by contacting your local council or checking the council’s website. Zoning should already be factored in by the home builder.

Soil and Site Conditions

The type of soil and site conditions will affect the cost of building your home. Ensure you get a soil test and site inspection to determine the site conditions. A soil test will examine the physical and chemical properties of the soil to assess its safety and assist you in estimating the block’s stability and land retention. Good soil composition is vital for lowering the cost of constructing a solid foundation.

For example, excavating will be more expensive if the soil is rocky. If the site is sloping, you may need to build retaining walls, which can add to the cost. Similarly, removing trees or excavating rocks will add more expenses.

To ensure transparency throughout the entire house and land package process, Better Built Homes include the site costs in our initial assessment, which helps remove any nasty surprises. 


The block’s orientation will affect your home’s natural light and ventilation. North-facing blocks are generally preferred as they receive the most sunlight. However, east-facing blocks can be good if you want morning sun in your bedrooms. If you need more clarification, consult with an architect or builder.

Block Size and Shape

The size and shape of the block will affect what you can build on it. A larger block will give you more options but may also be more expensive. A corner block may be more desirable, giving you more street frontage. However, irregular-shaped blocks may be more challenging to build on.

Consider what you intend to do with the land before purchasing. Do you wish to subdivide? Do the land proportions correspond to your plans? Understanding these things before you begin looking will assist you in selecting the finest block for your needs.

Access to Utilities

Ensure the block can access essential services such as water, electricity, gas, sewage and internet. Check with the local council and utility providers to ensure the benefits and connection costs are available. You should also head to the NBN website to see your home’s connection to the internet.

Forever Home?

When building a forever home, you’ll want to ensure it has everything you need for the long term. Consider things like

  • The number of bedrooms and bathrooms you’ll need,
  • How many living areas you’ll need
  • The size of the backyard,
  • Outdoor entertaining areas.

Why are House and Land Packages Good Value for Money?

One of the significant benefits of house and land packages is that the planning is already done and ready for a new homeowner. Additionally, you can often find environmentally friendly materials and features as sustainability has become a key benchmark in the construction industry.

Unlike the hidden costs that can come from renovating an existing home, the upfront price model of HLPs offers the peace of mind of paying one fixed price. Make sure you do your homework on exactly what is included in your home design and any additional costs for upgrades to fixtures, finishes and appliances. Plus, clients go straight to the contract stage, which can benefit their financial position.

Do I Have To Pay Stamp Duty on a House and Land Package?

When you purchase a house and land package, you only pay stamp duty on the value of the land, whereas when you buy an existing house, you pay for both the house and the land.

Who Should Consider Buying a House and Land Package?

While these savings hold considerable appeal for first-home buyers and families looking to build their dream homes in a dream location, house and land packages are also excellent options for investors.

One of the perks of building a new home as an investment property is that they are often far more energy efficient than older homes, saving your tenants money on bills. And if there are any problems, your home is covered by the builders’ warranty. You can also claim additional tax deductions and depreciation on a new home.

How Much Do House and Land Packages Cost?

The cost of a house and land package can vary widely depending on various factors, including the land’s location, the home’s size and complexity, and the build’s quality. In Sydney, for example, house and land packages can range from around $1 million to just under 2. 

It’s essential to remember that house and land packages can be more affordable than buying land and building separately, but they are still significant investments. Make sure you do your research and have a clear understanding of the costs involved before committing to a package.

How To Buy a House and Land Package?

Buying a house and land package includes purchasing a lot through a developer and selecting a builder and home design.

  • Find a builder that offers a house and land package that suits you.
  • Select a suburb or region where house and land packages are being offered for sale to the public.
  • Visit display homes to get a good idea of what you want. The best way to find the best design and builder is to visit a range of display homes on your favoured estate.
  • Layout – most buyers like to make changes, but these can prove problematic for the builders, slows the home-building journey down and can be challenging for the pace of the developers. We’d much rather find you more suitable HLPs without making changes.
  • What is included and what isn’t – display homes feature the best fittings, finishes and appliances, which may not be included in the standard package. All builders and homes differ, so buyers should find out exactly what is and isn’t included in the deal. 

Fortunately, with Better Built Homes, our HLPs are often designed with our Better Living inclusions to maintain affordability and quality for our customers.

Better Built House and Land Packages in Sydney

House and land packages can be an excellent option for people looking to build their dream homes. By bundling the cost of land and construction into one package, we make owning a home more affordable and easier to manage. 

But with any of life’s big decisions, it’s essential to research and understands the costs and considerations before committing to a package. By keeping these tips in mind and working with a reputable developer and builder, you can turn dirt into your dream home.

Contact our friendly sales team for more advice on our Better Built House and Land Packages in Sydney.

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