How Long Does It Take To Build a House?

Are we there yet? You hear it from the backseat on a road trip, almost as much as we hear it about how long it can take to build a house. A Better Built Home requires time and patience to become a reality, almost like waiting for Christmas morning. 

To build a house, you need to consider the time required to plan and design your home (around 5-10 months) before asking the most crucial question that homeowners ask – how long does it take to build a house in Australia? The short answer is 7 to 12 months; however, the long answer is, it depends.

Construction Timeline

From the size and complexity of your chosen home design to the location of your block of land, the construction timeline is a crucial consideration in any home building project. 

To turn your dreams into a reality as efficiently as possible, Better Built Homes first needs to determine the size and complexity of your home design (single storey, double storey or acreage), the state of your block of land, as well as its location and access. Other technical factors include financial approvals, planning and building permits, utility connections (water, electricity etc.), construction aspects (framing, insulation etc.) and even weather conditions.

Other than your chosen home design, the most time-consuming aspects of the home building process relate to the property’s location, access to the property, and land size.

Building a home in NSW

For most home builders in NSW, building a house can be broken down into five stages, preparations, approval, prospecting, excavation and construction. Do all that, and you’ll be moving into your dream home in no time.

  1. Preparations include finding a block of land, obtaining finance and choosing your Better Built Homes design. This can often take upwards of 3 months to complete. How quickly you move through the preparation stage depends on how soon you can make decisions.
  2. Getting permit approval from local councils. These timelines can vary from council to council, so preparation is key to a speedy approval.
  3. Tenders for construction work will need to be sent out and accepted by prospective builders. On-site work begins typically 6 weeks after contracts are finalised.
  4. Before construction on the house can begin, the fourth step is excavating the land for the concrete slab and foundations. Excavation can vary from property to property depending on location, access, land size and home design.
  5. The last stage is the construction of your home, which includes the installation of fixtures and fittings such as taps, sinks and appliances. Location, access and size will also significantly impact the length of time it takes to complete your home.

The time to move into your new Better Built Home will vary depending on how quickly you progress through these stages. Overall, this can take up to 7 months from design approval to moving in.

Designing a Better Built Home

The process of designing and planning your new home can often take as long as construction. Fortunately, these timeframes can be reduced with the help of Sydney’s best home builders and our highly-trained customer service team. 

With our modern home designs, Better Built Homes makes it easier than ever to make your dream home a reality. Whether you’re looking for a single-story house, a dual storey home, or something for your acreage block, our design catalogue has something for everyone, including narrow block home plans for inner-city living and acreage estates. Better Built Homes even design floor plans for Granny Flats and sub-divided living.

Adding a Granny Flat to your build is a fantastic way to boost the potential of your property. Granny Flats are a maximum of 60m² and can be attached or detached to the property (subject to local council guidelines and the capability of your land).

Better Built Homes has close to a hundred home designs cleverly crafted to accommodate the essentials of a modern family. Each BBH home comes with a long list of high-quality home inclusions that other builders often call extras. Titled the Better Living Inclusions package, you get to enjoy luxury finishes and fixtures in every room – at no additional cost!

Every Better Built Home design has been constructed with flexibility in mind. Our Home Design Service allows you to discuss your requirements and how they can be achieved within each design without compromising quality or style.

In short, the Better Built Homes house design package is a truly flexible way to build your new home from scratch. You don’t need to be a contestant on The Block to secure your dream home. 

Visit Better Built Homes today for more information on how long it takes to build a house in Australia or any other building project.

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