Introducing our latest collection of trending facades using fibre cement exteriors by James Hardie – TGIF! At Better Built Homes, we refer to it as TJHIF (Thank James Hardie It's Friday!). Every second Friday until the end of March 2024, we will unveil a series of brand-new, exclusive facades. These unique designs, entirely crafted using exterior solutions by James Hardie, will enrich our facade library, offering you a gallery of fresh choices for your home’s exterior. Think of it as a makeover for Better Built facades.

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Better Built Homes x James Hardie

Key benefits of Hardie™ fibre cement products

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Beautiful Aesthetics & Design Versatility

Cladding plays a pivotal role in elevating the overall look of a home by providing a wide range of design options, textures, and colors. This versatile exterior solution enhances visual appeal and can be customised to complement various architectural styles and personal preferences.

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Durable & Cost-Effective

Certain cladding materials offer a cost-effective alternative to conventional building materials, presenting a budget-friendly option for your dream home. Beyond initial affordability, Hardie™ fibre cement products provide durability and minimal maintenance needs, contributing to substantial long-term cost savings. Engineered to withstand the challenges of tough Australian conditions, these materials are crafted with resilience in mind, ensuring a lasting and economical solution for your new family home.

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Termite Damage & Fire Resistant

Boasting fire resistance that prevents the spread of flames, Hardie™ fibre cement products ensures heightened safety to your home. Additionally, its resilience extends to termite damage, providing an effective deterrent against these destructive pests. With this dual protection, it becomes an ideal choice for homeowners seeking enhanced safety and durability for their homes.

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Why Build with Hardie™ fibre cement products

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Want a new facade on YOUR NEXT BUILD

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