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Knockdown & Rebuild Journey

Your Old Home is Looking Like a Dinosaur But You Like The Area Where You Live And You Don’t Really Want to Move. What Do You Do?

We have got the answer for you. Knock down the old place and replace it with a brand new home!

Let’s face it, your old home is looking pretty tired and has become a bit of a dinosaur compared to other homes in your street. The kitchen looks weary and you don’t have the space you would like when the family comes over. As for storage…just forget it.

You could try renovating but you are really patching things up and you still have all the old wiring, plumbing and foundations and, you have to compromise a lot.


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It’s Actually, Cheaper Per Square Metre, To Knock Down & Rebuild Rather Than Renovate

Did you know that it is actually cheaper, per square metre (HIA research), to knock down and rebuild (KDR) than renovating? And, EVERYTHING is brand new from the bottom up.

You can have a brand new, high quality home from Better Built Homes right where you are now, in the area you know and love. You still have your old neighbours, shops, clubs and schools, in fact everything you like about living where you are now.

And, you get an energy and water efficient, beautifully finished, contemporary home.

How good is that!

Add Immediate Value & Save On Stamp Duty

When you knock down rebuild on your current site there is no stamp duty to be paid and you don’t have to pay real estate commissions which these days amounts to many thousands of dollars.

You are a winner already.

Product Review Award Winners

Better Built Homes clients are delighted with their new homes. So much so the company was the 2018, 2019 & 2020 Product Review Awards Winner for  Home Builders Sydney & NSW category.

That’s the type of company you want on your side for your KDR where the customers give the top five star rating.

Experienced KDR Team

We have a great team of people experienced in KDR construction, from demolition of the old home, negotiating with different councils for approvals, design and construction, through to the wonderful moment when you are presented with the keys to your beautiful new home.

Our team members have done it all before and know it can be a very nervous time for you. Don’t worry they will provide valuable assistance, guidance and assurance all along the way. They will keep you informed of progress so you know exactly what is going on at all times.

Our communications with you will be two-way and will be clear and precise. Your phone calls and emails will be answered promptly and in fact we will probably pre-empt many queries. You can’t get more transparent than that and that’s the way we do business with our clients.

We didn’t win the Product Review for nothing!

We Tell It Like It Is

Our team will make sure you go into the project with your eyes wide open when you talk to us about your KDR. We believe in “telling it like it is”, even if you may not want to hear what we have to say.

We don’t believe in the glib sales approach where you are not made aware of any situations that may affect your KDR project construction, and subsequently its cost, simply to make another sale. We achieve many sales via referrals from happy customers and that doesn’t happen unless you “tell it like it is”.

It should be a successful partnership based on a true assessment of your individual site and location. We will take all factors into consideration including different council requirements, building code regulations and your block of land and the home design you want to build on it.

We will be totally transparent with you about your KDR construction and we are sure you would expect nothing else. That’s how we can offer the end price upfront and why we won the Product Review Award.

Make Sure You Compare “Apples With Apples”

What on earth are we talking about?

Well, when you are comparing us to other home builders make sure you compare “Apples with Apples”, as the saying goes.

In other words, you might be quoted a cheaper price elsewhere but have all the construction variables been taken into consideration? Is the price the final price and has there been total transparency?


Compare Apples With Apples Better Built Homes

How Do You Get Started
Knock Down Rebuild With Better Built Homes?

That’s easy. Just give us a ring on 1300 100 922 or fill out our contact form with your requirements.

You can also visit our display home at 52 Webber Loop, Oran Park and talk to our sales consultant who can get you started with a free consultation towards your knock down rebuild project.

You will enjoy the experience.

From our local knowledge to our first-class customer service we’ll make your knock down rebuild a better experience every step of the way.

The Best Knock Down & Rebuild Company in Sydney

If you’re looking to knockdown and rebuild your current home in Sydney, we can help you through the entire process to ensure you’ll have your dream home at the end of it.

A knockdown rebuild in Sydney is an ideal option for homeowners that want a new home in an established area that they love or already live in.

Knockdown rebuilds are also perfect for those that want to live in their favourite area without sacrificing the home of their dreams.

Why Knockdown & Rebuild?

If you’re thinking about a knockdown rebuild in Sydney, you can also enjoy all of the following benefits by working with Better Built Homes;

  • You can enjoy all of the excitement of living in a brand new, and beautifully designed home  without the hassle of changing the kids schools or the challenge of adjusting to a new area.
  • Your new house will be constructed with all energy and water efficiencies included as part of the build. This increase in energy efficiency and reduces your carbon footprint and your heating and cooling bills too.
  • You have input into the design and interior décor, meaning you won’t have to settle for something that’s less than perfect for your needs. Your new home will be built to suit your tastes and your requirements.
  • You can capitalise on the value of their location by building their dream home without having to move.
  • The knockdown rebuild cost can also be significantly lower in comparison to other options like renovations and you can save substantial money on stamp duty and real estate agents fees that would come when selling.

Working with A Trusted Knock Down Rebuild Company in Sydney

As an experienced KDR builder, we invest a lot of time researching sites before we get to work and we ensure compliance at a much earlier stage than most companies.

All of this up-front work and research means that we can offer our clients a stress free building experience. Building your dream home should be one of the most exciting times in your life, and we don’t want stress to get in the way of that for you and your family.

Better Built Homes takes great pride in being an open, honest and transparent builder. We always give the true knock down rebuild cost to Sydney home builders so that all costs are transparent. Importantly, on those rare occasions when a fixed price isn’t possible, we give realistic, well-informed estimates.

As trusted knock down rebuild builders in Sydney, we’ll be with you every step of the way to offer you all of the advice and assistance that you need.

Contact the Knockdown Rebuild Experts Today!

At Better Built Homes, we’ve helped many homeowners replace their current homes with one that’s more suited to their visions of what a perfect home means to them.

You can see some of these KDR designs here.

Get in Touch with us Today for More Info

If you have a question about whether a knockdown rebuild in Sydney would be a good option for you, we’d love to help you out in any way that we can.

You can give us a call on 1300 100 922 or get in touch with us through this contact form.

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