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The Better Experience

Our directors, Jayden and Aaron were builder/carpenters for over ten years before launching Better Built Homes in 2010. Their goal was to build a reputation for delivering project homes with excellent workmanship and above average inclusions, while also providing good value for money, flexible designs and genuinely personal service.


Our Team

We are a team of passionate individuals and we aspire to grow every day. We constantly push the boundaries, to achieve a better outcome for our clients, ourselves and our company. We work together, succeed together and celebrate together.

Our Clients

We understand our clients’ building journey; we get it. That’s why our team is available to support and guide our clients throughout the build. We know that the friendly voice of someone who genuinely cares, and will help, makes all the difference.

Our Homes

Better Built Homes combines thoughtful design and superior craftsmanship to achieve the highest quality home for every family who entrusts their dream to us. Our intelligent systems and processes result in a more efficient build and allow us to provide better value for our clients.

Our diverse team of professionals has one shared vision – to create homes that last a lifetime.

Exceptional Personal Service And Communication

That means exceptional personal service with a capital ‘P’ where you will meet the owners of the business and always have a person to answer your questions. You will not be passed from one person to another simply seeking answers to your questions or information about your project.

In fact we will be communicating with you so regularly that many of your questions will be answered.

We Keep You Informed

From the time you meet our Better Built Homes sales consultant to when you are handed the keys we will keep you informed all along the way. You will know exactly what is happening throughout the whole process. It makes everything go so smoothly and any problems encountered along the way are quickly fixed.

To Us You Are Unique

We believe that each customer’s vision and expectation is unique so we take the time to get to know you and your family. Everything is specific to you and that is why we inspect your site carefully as there are many aspects of your site to take into consideration when organising a quotation.

Choose From A Wide Range Of Designs

There are over 50 different designs in our standard range of home plans to choose from and we will make changes to tailor the home to your specific needs. The designs include homes for narrow and large blocks including acreage designs and there are many accommodation options.

Make Sure You Compare Apples With Apples

Most families talk to a range of home builders before deciding who to go with. Just remember we will give you the end price right up front. Yes, there may be builders whose starting price is cheaper.

But make sure you compare apples with apples. Some builders will quote a lower price which does not include a lot of extra costs which can total many thousands of dollars. Isn’t it better to have the real price up front so you can budget accordingly.

Often you don’t find out about these extra costs until it is too late to pull out. So, make sure all costs are included in the builders price.


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Open 7 days a week, 10am – 5pm.


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